The Basic Fundamentals of Guest Blogging

Since guest blogging is a very important tool to create a new audience or increase visibility for your published work, it is veryThe Basic Fundamentals of Guest Blogging important to start on the right foot.Thus, here are five basic fundamentals when you doguest blogging.

1. Credibility & Content

A blog is sometimes critique and evaluated by the credibility and knowledge of the Blogger/owner/writer.

Thus, before guest blogging, make sure your own-home blog is highly credible and contains well researched and studied topics for you to be recognize in your field. Display a good sense of authority and credibility in your writing so that your readers will trust you. You never know, but your co- bloggers are the one’s regularly reading your posts, so never put your guards down.

2. Stand Out With Your Topics

There are so many bloggers in the net right now, as of 2011, there are 156 million public blogs in existence in which 77 million are in Tumblr and 56.6 million in WordPress blogs. The point: innovate, research and be very creative in choosing your topics. Having a unique, interesting and helpful topic will help you keep the lead in your league. Thus when you guest blog, your work will easily be accepted as it contains never before seen printed material and topics.

3. Be Humble, Be Friendly Then Build Trust

Since you are in the race of blogging very unique topics to increase web traffic in your own site, as a blogger, it’s not easy to gain the trust of a co-blogger. It is essential that you take time to comment on their latest posts. This is a subtle way of introducing yourself and making the blog owner familiar with your writing.

When the time comes for you to guest blog, be humble and be friendly in your letter of request. Write a very good letter, a heartfelt at one stating that you share the same goals and passion. By doing so, you do not only earn his yes … his trust, but you also gain a friend in the end, a co-blogger you can intellectually grow with and stimulate with your passions as well.And lastly, follow all his guidelines to the dot. You are the one visiting so observe all house rules.

4. Practice GMRC ( Good Manner & Right Conduct) In Other People’s Blog

Practice good etiquette when guest blogging in other sites. The owner of the blog would usually give you a guideline when posting. Follow this and on your own, maintain courtesy in writing. Avoid putting too many links and link backs to your own website.

5. Sharing Useful Information Will Benefit You Double

When you guest blog, it would be an advantage if you write about topics that are highly informative.Focus on sharing useful information, tips and instructions. Be very helpful in your articles. This way, you help the site become more interesting and at the same time, more readers will appreciate you and might go directly to your blog.

About the Author

Hey everyone! My name is John Conor. I help online marketers and business owners to learn the insight tips and techniques of blogging.

Peter - July 20, 2013

Credibility and quality content is what matters in the world of guest blogging. You must submit quality content for other bloggers to link back to you

Ryan Biddulph - July 20, 2013

3 jumps out at me John.

Be friendly. Be humble. Make so many blogging buddies that you will have to turn down guest post requests.

Once you build friendships the blogging world is your oyster. Help other people. Be nice. Smile. Be happy.

Build up your attractive magnet to good opportunities and high energy people. Build partnerships, like, well…..guest blogging ventures ;)

Stand out from the crowd too. If 55 Million bloggers use WordPress I will post vacation pictures all over my blog because nobody else on earth can post these images….other than my fiancee LOL.

Thanks for sharing John!


Vizzi - July 20, 2013

Once you get an opportunity to guest blog, don’t waste it.

While it’s always important to create great content, it is imperative now. Think of guest blogging as a try out. You have another audiences eyes, what are you going to do with them?

Write amazing content and you’ll see a new influx of visitors.

Anis Chity - July 20, 2013

Guest Blogging is the best way ever to build quality backlinks and get traffic thanks for this insight have an awesome day ahead :)

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