Ways to Monetize Your Blog: Your Blog Won’t Make You Money Unless…

You give readers a reason to give it to you.

Why should they give you money for no reason? That’s also pretty much how most people think. If there’s no reason to buy (or donate cash), then they won’t. No one really likes to be separated from their hard-earned money.

But–here’s something to make you smile–people won’t mind giving it away if they know that it’s worth it. And that’s what you have to remember as a blogger.

Make sure that your readers feel that it’s alright to give you their money.

ways to monetize your blogBut if all you’re doing is write articles, then that’s not really going to convince them to send money your way.

Yes, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you craft outstanding posts because that’s going to be the foundation of your small business.

Did I mention small business?

Yes, I did. To make good money, think of your blog as a business because IT IS a business.

And a business needs to find ways to make money. So should your blog.

Here are some really effective ways to monetize your blog (and, hopefully, make you rich in the near future):

Affiliate Marketing

So many people are into affiliate marketing for the simple reason that it works. You’re going to find a lot of more in-depth resources on how to make money through affiliate marketing. But let me touch on it very lightly so that if and when you decide to head down this road, you’ll be more familiar with terms and concepts already.

Here, you help other people (or companies) market and sell products through your blog. You’ll act as a middle man for vendors and customers.

Once you’ve found a vendor or product maker, you’ll be given a link that you’ll use for marketing. There are different ways to market products: write blog posts, reviews, use banner ads, post in forums, email signatures, etc. It’s important that you direct customers to the vendor’s site THROUGH your affiliate link for you to get your commission.

Affiliate marketing is fun but requires a lot of work. But all that patience and hard work will definitely pay off in the end. Some blogs create income solely on affiliate earnings.

Sell your own products

Why settle for earning a few dollars in commission when you can make a lot by selling your own products? This allows you to pocket all earnings. You don’t need to split it with someone else. However, selling your own products can be a very tough and tedious process.

You need to do a lot of research. The actual product creation, like an ebook, will take long. You have to make sure that your product has something that consumers will want. Marketing it is another thing.

But don’t worry because there are  many resources available to help you do all these.

Sell ad space

You can work with companies and even small businesses by putting ads on your blog. You can simply put “advertise here” anywhere on your site. But make sure, though, that you have enough visitors and page views because advertisers aren’t going to pay if your blog doesn’t reach a lot of people. Make sure that it’s got tons of traffic. Among the different ways to monetize your blog, this is one you have to seriously consider.

Promote your services

Your blog is the perfect tool to promote your services. You can establish yourself as an expert on something through your posts. Eventually, you’ll have a strong and loyal following, which you can tap into. Let them know that you’re offering your professional services.

A simple Hire Me page on your blog should do the trick. And since you’ve talked extensively about your niche, people won’t doubt your skills.

A word of caution: it may take you a long time before you see something happen. That’s normal. There will even be days when, say for affiliate marketing, no one clicks on your link. Don’t lose hope.

Just hang on just a little bit longer and you’ll soon notice that money will start pouring in.

What about you? Any tips on how you were able to find effective ways to monetize your blogs?


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