5 Tips for Penguin-Friendly Link Building

By Obaidul Haque | Search Engine Optimisation

Jul 18

Cloaking, link schemes, keyword stuffing – those days are finally over! Apart from focusing on the quality of content you feature on your website, the way you build links also needs immediate improvement. Google’s Penguin army continues to keep a close watch on the websites that indulge in link spam. If you use black-hat SEO techniques to build links for your website or blog, Google’s Penguin is never going to spare you.

So, the link building tactics are fast evolving. You can help your website do better in search engine results for the long term only by sticking to those link building strategies that are Penguin-friendly.

If you don’t know, given below are five important Penguin-friendly tips that you can use to build links for your site.

#1. Quit Obsessing Over Anchor Text
After being manipulated for so many years, anchor text has finally lost its weight as far as SEO is concerned. If you have an obsession for the money-keyword, you can get yourself into trouble quite easily.

In simple words, you can’t pressurize Google anymore to rank your website for a specific keyword like ‘best travel agent’. If you still try to manipulate the anchor text to rank for a specific money keyword, you are definitely inviting Google’s Penguin to bring its axe down upon you.

So, stop abusing anchor text right away.

#2. Stick to Your Niche
While building links in the post-Penguin world, you can’t cross your niche. In a bid to generate more and more backlinks for your site, you may try to reach out to those sites that are not relevant to your niche. Brace yourself, irrelevant link building will easily tear your site apart.

If your website belongs to the travel or tourism industry, you should never try to get links for career website.

#3. Think Authority
Before you start to build links for your website or blog, you should never forget the word ‘authoritative’. Even when you choose niche-relevant sites to acquire links from, you should make sure they are authoritative.

Key signals to measure site authority include –

Quality of content
Freshness of the content
Traffic stats
Social sharing

Acquiring 10 backlinks from authoritative sites is far better than getting 100 or 1000 backlinks from low quality sites.

#4. Use More ‘Click Here’ or ‘Read More’ Links
There was a time when anchor text like ‘click here’ and ‘read more’ were considered to be useless. Thanks to the Penguin algorithm, such anchor texts are surfacing on the scene once again. It’s only because this is how most of the people usually link to content on the web.

Such anchor text (as opposed to exact-match anchor text) makes the backlinks profile of your website or blog look natural to search engines. So, you should use them more.

#5. Say ‘NO’ to Automated Link Building
Post-Penguin, Google leaves you no space for any kind of automated link building. Social bookmarking and directory links are out of the game. If you want to make your website Penguin-friendly, you should switch to manual link building once and for all. Create an entire team and have brainstorming sessions to come up with creative manual link building techniques.

Do you think your website is completely Penguin-friendly? Please feel free to let me know what you think.

About the Author

Obaidul is a professional SEO, freelance writer, guest blogger and online marketer. Owner of HelloBloggerz.com, he works with a wide range of clients from all across the globe and helps them expand the online reach of their businesses. Music is like oxygen to him. He can be reached via Google+ or Twitter.

Lisa July 18, 2013

Obaidul – Glad to hear about the anchor text changes for SEO. Interesting on your take on the social bookmarking. I’ve done less of it and still read many who recommend it all the time. #2 is very interesting and I would agree with that one. How do you control who links to you though?

Mohamed abdelwahab July 18, 2013

Thank you Obaidul for letting me know these 5 Tips.

David McSweeney July 18, 2013

Hi Obaidul,

These are all good tips, however, I would add that a large part (the majority in my opinion) of your focus should be on creating, high quality, link worthy content on your site and promoting it through social media and outreach. These are the high quality, editorial links that will stand the test of time and ensure your website is futureproofed against any further algorithm updates.

Gajendra July 18, 2013

thanks for sharing haque ..good points mentioned

Aditya Dey July 18, 2013

Thanks mate for letting us know these methods…..I didn’t know that we shouldn’t use anchor text any more….it is a new thing for me…..

So you are saying that using services like Unique Article Wizard is a bad idea?

I understand that for personal blogs but what about when you are promoting niche websites?

Manual submission is very time consuming and I do it for my personal blog, but would not have enough hours in the day to do it for all the sites I own!

Joe Hart July 19, 2013

Hi Obaidul,
With anchor text becoming irrelevant, SEO has become more difficult than ever.At times it is quite confusing.Articles like yours here really eases the pressure.Thanks for the tips.

Gautham July 19, 2013

I completely agree with every point. Anchor text variation is the primary thing to considering while building links.

qasim July 20, 2013

Hi Obaidul,

I do agree with you, what is important know is to build quality backlinks from authoritative and relative websites. Thanks for sharing this article and for letting us know about the anchor text like click here, I should start using it more on my blog.

anischity9 July 21, 2013

now we should take care of DA more than PageRank :)

thanks for sharing this informative post have an awesome day ahead :)

Himanshu July 21, 2013

Great tips for safe link building.I really all the points but specially think authority point.

Ileane July 21, 2013

Hi there,

I think it’s really interesting that using “click here” is acceptable now. I think Google is driving people crazy with all of these rule changes and updates.

Thanks for the post.

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