What is Guest Blogging?

A blog is an online journal and website of a specific individual wherein he puts all his written works and articles about a specific topic.
Taken from the word web log, the owner of this blog can also allow other people to comment on his work and at the same time allow other bloggers (people who write blogs) to post their own stories too.  When this takes place, it is called guest blogging.

Guest blogging is the act of posting your own blog on another persons’ blog.  It is the actual motion of asking permission from the owner, sending it or uploading your finished article wherein you talk about the same subject matter.

Guest blogging became very popular in the later years of 2000 when the bloggers, together with other writers, individuals, academicians and even the media networks decided to unite and write about one subject only.  After writing, they allow each other to re-post their blog entries on each of their sites for greater impact on the subject matter.

Most of the time, it is the popular, high traffic websites and good content blogs that allow visitors and bloggers to post on their site.  Guest blogging allows the site to share new insights, exchange more views and ideas thus promoting more interaction between and among bloggers and readers.

 There are two simple golden rules to keep in mind when guest blogging: first, the blog you intend to guest on must FIRST ACCEPT guest bloggers or other contributors and second, you must blog or write about the SAME TOPIC.

For guest blogging to take place, the author and owner of the blog usually puts a blurb or a special note inviting other writers to contact him if they want to share their articles.  These notations may say:  “submit a guest post”, “guest post”, “guest post by”, “accepting guest posts” and “guest post guidelines.”  If you see these, it means the owner of the site allows and encourages guest blogging.

The second basic consideration when guest blogging is choosing the blog or site that you would want to share and publish your work.  When you write or blog, these are topics closest to you hearts and which you are an authority or you are passionate about.  Thus, you look for blogs that shares your same passion and interest.

There are so many benefits of guest blogging, not only to the bloggers and writers but also to the general audience of the internet as well. As a guest blogger, you increase your visibility in the net and a possible link back to your website if the reader liked your post.  Thus you gain an instant follower.

Second, when you guest blog, you gain the respect and trust of the owner of that site by the simple gesture of allowing your thoughts to be posted on his personal space.  It means, he values your opinion and he wants to introduce you to his audiences as well.

Thank to guest blogging, there are more information, reading materials and feature articles for everyone to enjoy and learn in the net.

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