5 Types of Links That Will Ruin Your Website’s Health

By Obaidul Haque | Search Engine Optimisation

Jul 11

Google has taken the entire webmaster community by storm. The meaning of SEO seems to change (or may be ‘evolve’) with each passing day. As a result of more frequent search algorithmic updates, penalties have also become very common. After almost every search algorithmic update, you’ll hear news about websites or blogs that got penalized.

Surprisingly enough, there are hundreds of reasons due to which Google will penalize a website or a blog. Some of them are quite well-known to webmasters, SEO professionals and publishers.

Let’s have a quick look at five types of links that could easily put your website or blog into trouble.

#1. Hidden Links – It’s quite easy to get Google suspicious. For different reasons, you may sometimes want to hide some links on your site from the eyes of the visitors. But this is something Google doesn’t favor. In fact, you site can be penalized by doing something like this. If your site has links that have the same color as the its background, you should undo it right away.

#2. Purchased Links – In a bid to build a weighty backlink profile for their sites, many webmasters would go on to buy links. Sites that buy link to manipulate pagerank or blast their way to the top of search engine results will quickly get on to Google’s radar. There are plenty of examples where websites got penalized because they bought links for SEO benefits. Therefore, it’s wise to stop buying links before you get caught.

#3. Irrelevant Links – Today’s link building has evolved in many ways. Links that you build to strengthen the backlinks profile of your website should also be relevant to your niche. When you are trying to build links for your site, always target those top quality sites that belong to your own niche. Lots of irrelevant links could be one of the reasons for getting penalized by Google.

#4. Swapped Links – Gone are the days when you could easily reciprocate or swap lots of links with other website owners to improve your own site’s SEO. Since people started to abuse this SEO tactic more and more, reciprocal link building lost its weight completely. Today, reciprocal link building or swapping links can become a good reason for a Google search penalty. So, be careful!

#5. Footer Links – The footer of a website is actually a section that you can use to enhance the navigational structure for visitors. But there are a lot of guys who are using their site’s footer for passing link juice, the unnatural way. Sorry, Google doesn’t spare such activities. If you indulge in such spammy activities, you should stop before it’s really too late.

A single search algorithmic update by Google can send your entire website or blog crashing down overnight. If you own web properties, you should always stick to the Google webmaster guidelines, build links the natural way and keep yourself abreast of all the recent and upcoming algorithmic updates.

Does your site have these types of links? Please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in comments.

About the Author

Obaidul is a professional SEO, freelance writer, guest blogger and online marketer. Owner of HelloBloggerz.com, he works with a wide range of clients from all across the globe and helps them expand the online reach of their businesses. Music is like oxygen to him. He can be reached via Google+ or Twitter.

Edson Hale July 11, 2013

Hey Obaid, another informative article by you; all the five reasons are genuine; you are right Google Panda and Penguine has entirely shuffled the parameters of SEO and made it quite a volatie field where top SEO managers work with keeping their fingers crossed.

Rohan Mod July 11, 2013

exactly right because i have faced the side effect of it. making backlink on irrelevant website caused me some drop off in traffic as well as in alexa rank. so it should be handled with great care when it comes about making backlinks.

Muhd Hanis July 11, 2013

Backlink is very important to get your site stay relevant ti others, there are lots of tool offered by internet member, but the best way to build backlink is in natural ways because building relationship always take time.

Russell Adler July 11, 2013

Russel Adler here;
Very well put. Pretty much a self explanitory subject. I am in the process of putting together my own blog…or two!

Your input would be appreciated. Am I on the right track?

Russell Adler

Joe Hart July 12, 2013

I never knew that Footer links are dangerous.There are lots of them in my site.Going to remove it ASAP.Thanks for the advice.

Betty July 12, 2013

Hello Obaidul, I’m glad to learn such education article written by you. Well all of those ways you mentioned are not Google favorite and recently I was purchased some paid links, so I’ve followed the wrong way. Thanks for good suggestions, please tell me best link building ways for my site SEO.

Himanshu July 12, 2013

I really like all the points which you have mentioned in this post.We know about footer links are not good for our website but we include it in our blog.Its the best of navigation…

Nithin Upendran July 13, 2013

First of all i would like to thank you for writing such an article of public interest.I was unaware of certain links you mentioned.Now let me tell my personal experience one of my site was having paid links,At initial stages of my blogging i was unaware that paid links were not good in the eye of big “G”.My site got penalized by the Google’s next updates.This was my experience of having paid links.Always try to build links naturally.You had pointed out some interesting stuff’s which one should be so vigilant. Thanks for sharing bro!

Vin DiCarlo July 14, 2013

Currently I am Using Simple URL WordPress Plugin to clone my Affiliate link. Is it affect SEO? Anyway Good Informative Post. Thanks For Share With Us..

Rizwan Shajahan July 15, 2013

THank For Informing that Footer Links are So dangerous .
THank You very much such a vital information .
Wonderful Advice Sir

Caleb July 15, 2013

Well I do use footer links for navigation and featuring content users may not have been aware of so if this is against Google so be it because it works for me.

Vizzi July 16, 2013

It’s interesting to see how drastically SEO has changed in the past few years. We used to be able to scrape and game our way to the top, but things have become quite simple. The best content wins. Scamming and cheating is no longer tolerated. If we want a better SEO ranking we have to do it the old fashion way; by creating amazing content. Which is how it should be, by the way.

Siya July 19, 2013

I thinks all other points are valid. But I totally disagree with #3. No body has proved that!

Rama Krishna July 25, 2013

I learnt today about the first point “Hidden Links”.. And thanks for sharing this useful post…

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