3 Effective Networking Tips for Bloggers

By Michael Chibuzor | Blogger

Jul 03
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How do you network effectively? This post will show you how to get started.

These days when you see the word networking, you undoubtedly subconsciously add the word “social” in front of it and start thinking of your next Facebook post or looking for tips on how to build your Twitter follower-ship.

It’s a normal thing to do—as a blogger you spend most of your time connected to the Internet.

It’s easy to forget that there’s a whole wide and tangible word out there that you are a part of.

Finding networking opportunities as a blogger can be tough.

You don’t quite feel at home at local business events (explaining blogging to a brick and mortar store owner is tough on a good day).

Here are some things that you can do to network and both build your audience and, with any luck, your business network as well.

1. Always Be Prepared

You do have business cards, right? No? You need to get some. Depending upon your target audience you might also want to print up some buttons and stickers to hand out as well.

You never know when you’ll run into someone who would benefit from your blog and you want to give them something tangible that they can use to remind themselves to check you out.

Yes, you’ll have to pay money for these things but that’s what your credit card is for, right?

Note: It’s understandable that you might not want to rely upon your credit card for a lot. After all, going into debt is nobody’s idea of a good time.

As long as you manage your credit responsibly, though, using your credit cards actually work in your favor.

2. Attend Blogging and Internet Related Conferences    blogworld expo

BlogHer is a big one (yes, men are welcome there too).

E3, SXSW, GenCon, and any conferences that happen within your niche are definitely worth your time.

For instance, if you blog primarily about gaming topics, you’ll want to wrangle a PAX Pass.

Conferences are great places to meet people who are into the same things you’re into.

They also provide you with opportunities to learn and form mutually beneficial business relationships.

These conferences can be expensive to attend—between passes, hotel rooms and transportation (especially if you have to fly) you might have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

This is where that credit card (especially if you’ve signed up for the best airline reward credit cards) comes in handy. What’s more, if you earn money via your blog, these conferences sometimes qualify as tax deductions.

3. Get Over Your Ego

Attending meetings of your local Chamber of Commerce probably seems provincial for a blogger.

The truth is, that going to these meetings and networking events helps you cement your place in your local business community.

Local audiences are incredibly loyal audiences and are likely to buy the things you’re selling (even if it is just advertising space) simply because they know you. Even better, most of these events are free!

These are just three of the ways you can do in-person networking as a blogger. What are some of the others you’ve tried?


About the Author

Michael Chibuzor is an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and the founder and CEO of Content Marketing Up. If you want to grow your blog, drive targeted traffic and make more money, hire Michael to write for you.

Victoria Mudraya July 4, 2013

Great networking tips for offline activity – I would also add try to become speaker at the conferences, no just attend – probably you are god at writing/creative/marketing – you can make a presentation and it will give even more effect for you and your blog

Vivek Gowda July 4, 2013

Attending Blogger meets is one of the best way to build network…There we can find similar minded people…You have some nice thoughts…Thanks for sharing…:)

David McSweeney July 4, 2013

Hi Michael, nice article and you’re right – as good as the internet is for building up your contacts, there’s nothing quite like ‘pressing the flesh’. Not been to any blogger conferences yet, but going to try and make it along to something this year.

anis July 4, 2013

Engaging with other bloggers is a great way to become a better blogger thanks for sharing brother !

Joe Hart July 5, 2013

Hi Michael,
Networking by attending meets and conferences can be really beneficial.I have landed several of my clients through such meetings.I have a different strategy for events.My business card has a side reserved for publicizing the blog which i’m running.When i give the card, most people checkout the other side because it is colored in that fashion.This starts the conversation and sometimes i get to close a deal.I think if we leave a medium for the people we meet to remember us,then we are extending the course of the relationship

Abin July 5, 2013

Attending Blogger meets is the best method to get in touch with new bloggers and also improves our knowledge..
Thanks for sharing this…

Ashutosh July 5, 2013

The establishment of relationship between bloggers is really a mattering fact by which you can easily gain there attention as well may be able to attract a bumper of traffic to your site.
Well Michael you have really provided a simple way to know as much as bloggers by simply attending bloggers meet.
keep sharing!!!

Gautham July 5, 2013

Good point. It’s really important to extend your network into different industries as well as locations – this way you can still leverage it should your sector or your city fall into a recession.

Tushar July 5, 2013

This was an information-packed article with so many great suggestions and tips. I appreciate you. We have shared with our social media groups and alliances.

Krishna July 5, 2013

What a great advise all in one post! I will definitely refer to these myself!

logesh July 6, 2013

thanks for this informative article..!Now i got an idea on blog networking

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