3 Things Bloggers Should Learn from Justin Bieber

Now don’t jump to any conclusions just yet!

I am not a Justin Bieber fan at all but there’s no denying the fact that Bieber does have a HUGE global following.

While most of his “Beliebers” are either in their teens or early twenties, he is undoubtedly an international celebrity and a global phenomenon whose stardom will only increase as his target audience grows in age.

However, this post is not about how great Justin Bieber is. Rather, as a blogger, there are some very valuable lessons that you can learn from the success that Bieber has been able to achieve.

He’s still only young but he has more money and fame than any of us can dream of.

Isn’t money the reason why you blog? You have to earn a living after all!

So there’s no harm in learning from someone even if you don’t think they relate directly with what you’re doing.

The principles of success are constant in every field of life. Its only the tactics, methods and strategies that vary.

So listen closely!

1. Haters will Hate – Do What You Believe In

I’m sure you realize that Bieber has a lot of haters and mockers. Not everybody likes him.

But does he care? Hell No!

This is what you can learn from him as a blogger. People will doubt your ability to be successful and mock your belief in this rather unconventional mode of earning. But don’t be bothered by their senseless opposition.

Stick to your methods and do what you believe in.

That obviously does not mean that you ignore the realities of life. Be practical, have a plan and follow it with conviction.

But don’t let go of your dreams just because others feel they’re not worth pursuing.

They’re your dreams, not their’s – respect them!

2. You Can’t Please Everyone – Know Your Audience

Again, most adults find Bieber annoying, that’s a fact.

But adults are not his audience. He rules the hearts and minds of teenagers and most Beliebers are teenage girls.

So why should he worry about adults.

This is what you should learn as a blogger as well.

Don’t try to please everyone. You can’t do that. And even if you do, you’ll end up displeasing everyone.

So identify your audience. Know your target market and try to create content that solves their problems.

The more focus you create in your blog posts and in the general theme of your blog, the more valuable your blog will become for your target market.

Go into the depths of their problems and offer solutions that others are not thinking about.

Don’t just run after every booming niche.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold!

3. Thrive on Your Success – Market Aggressively

Ever since Bieber made it big, he has been travelling the world over doing one concert after the other and increasing his an club.

He didn’t sit back to waited for another one of his tracks to go viral. Instead, he went after his target market.

This is what you should do as a blogger as well.

Marketing is a mandatory part of any business model. And if you have any hopes of making good money from blogging, you need to treat it as a business.

Don’t just sit back and wait for people to find you through Google or some occasional Tweet.

Go after your target market!

Find out where they socialize, be a part of their discussions and become the go-to man for their problems.

Comment on relevant blogs, write guest posts, join forums, be active on content curation websites, utilize social bookmarking and any other marketing platform that can help you get closer to your audience.

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