5 Killer Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a form of online marketing, which is done through the use of your electronic mail. Email marketers need to have distinctive qualities in their emails that will persuade a potential online client to believe and become interested in the email. Conveying a strong message through email before a client deletes the email is a problem that most email marketers experience. Most of the time, email marketers also have problems with permission based emails. Permission based emails filter out emails that are considered SPAM or emails that usually hold harmful information and links.

Email marketing is easy if you know the marketing strategies to use. The best strategy is to have content that is of value to your clients. They should know they are missing something good if they fail to respond to your email. This is the feeling and trust that an email marketer should send out in his or her email. Listed here are the 5 Killer Email Marketing Strategies needed for an email marketer.


Always have an Auto responder

Email PromotionsSending out bulk emails to hundreds of clients is a good way to enhance the chances of gaining clientele. Maintaining the hundreds of client replies though would be a near to impossible task. Imagine the hundreds of clients who got your message responded back because they were interested yet were never emailed back on time from your end. This would cause them to feel least prioritized. Some clients would think that it is a scam message because of the late replies. An auto responder is one way to respond to all the replies gained from your first email. Having an auto responder will allow you to manage replies to all clients and will enable them to feel that you care for them. Try personalizing your auto reply and give them a personal welcome in the auto respond email. This way you are creating a rapport with your clients and gaining their trust.


Start Warm and Be Friendly

It is hard to build mutual trust through email. You cannot see the people and they likewise cannot see you. In order to build mutual trust start out by sending warm and welcoming messages that in a way are relevant. Do not go over the top with trying to be too close, they should respond first to your friendliness first until both are at ease with one another. It would be impossible to build rapport with all your clients hence place a personal and welcoming message in your auto reply.


White List Yourself

Email providers and filters are good for those who have to protect their emails from hackers and SPAM emails. However, filters are one of the reasons why email marketers cannot get through to half of their clientele. After you have gained trust from a client who has received your newsletter, it would be best to have them add you to their address book so that your emails will not be filtered.


Personalize your Emails

Clients never want to get emails from automated senders. If you want a sender to believe you, make sure that your emails are personalized. Always use a name instead of a company name in the “from” field. Using your name would enable the receiver to believe that you are taking the time and effort to reply to his or her queries. This would be the best way to gain your client’s trust and win over a deal.


Get Rid of SPAM Triggers      

SPAM emails are determined by filters. Filters often look for words within an email that pertain to “click here”, “buy now” and even some words that are common in personal emails. This is the reason why you should always save your sales pitch in your landing site or webpage. Initial emails to your clients should be short, understandable and full with useful information and also with well phrased words that feel personal and persuasive as well.

These may look like simple tips and guides but these are killer strategies. The fact that these are simple steps to take in order to gain clients makes them a hundred percent useful for email marketers. There are certain things, such as emails marketing that do not need colorful, extravagant emails to close a successful deal.



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