How to Get Your Hotel Listed on Google Hotel Finder

Google’s Hotel Finder now runs on a worldwide scale, giving hotel owners an excellent opportunity to increase the number of business leads. More and more travelers or holidaymakers turn to this highly useful tool because they are sure to gather accurate hotel information and find hotels according to their specific preferences. Before Google decides to list a specific hotel on its Hotel Finder, it collects the required data from different sources including Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Global Distribution System (GDS).

Google Hotel Finder has emerged as a much preferred tool for travelers because it makes comparing and reserving hotels easier.

Getting your hotel listed on Google Hotel Finder can quickly give you an edge over the competition. Though it’s very likely that your hotel is already there on the list, it’s not always guaranteed.

If your hotel is not listed there already, there are some guidelines that you can follow to accomplish the same.

Create a Google+ Local Page
Before you plan to see your property listed on Google Hotel Finder, the first thing you need to do is create a G+ local page for your brand. The more visible your hotel is on Google, the more chances you’ll have of getting it listed on Google Hotel Finder. If you haven’t done it yet, go and sign up for your brand’s page on Google Places.

Google Hotel Finder picks up hotel name, description, images and the hotel website URL from your Google+ Local page.

Signing up is not hard, so you can do it without any help from outside. At the end of the signup process, you’ll need to verify your business listing on Google+ Local (previously Google Places).

Get Listed with an OTA or GDS
After your hotel’s Google+ Local page is in order, the next step is to get your property listed with one of the online travel agencies or global distribution system, from where Google retrieves the data for Hotel Finder listing. It is from these sources (i.e. commercial partners) that Google collects dynamic hotel data including type of rooms, tariff, and the availability of rooms.

Have Some Patience
Now that you have completed both the basic steps, it’s up to Google to pick your hotel information and list it on its Hotel Finder. Here, you’ll need to wait a little before your hotel starts to show on Google Hotel Finder. It may take anywhere between a couple of days and a few weeks.

Once you see your property appear on Google Hotel Finder, it’s time to take a microscopic look at each piece of information. There’s nothing to worry if you aren’t happy with the description or images included. You can always change or edit the static hotel information by logging into the Google+ Local page of your hotel. It’s essential to make your brand’s local page on G+ so that appeals to the target audience or customers really well.

If you were missing out on Google+ Local till now, it’s high time to create your brand page there as quickly as possible. Once your property gets listed on Google Hotel Finder, you can expect instant increase in profits.

Does your hotel appear on Google Hotel Finder? Please feel free to share your views or opinions in comments.

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