Google Analytics: Some tips every webmaster should know

Google analytics is not a new topic to you if by any means you are related to SEO or say web analytics. So this article is mainly Google Analyticsdedicated to beginners in SEO and web analytics. I have met many SEOs in conferences worldwide who want tips as they want to shift themselves to web analytics. The answer is very obvious: If you are a SEO, you are already doing web analytics. The only problem is that you do not know this! So hopefully, by the end of this article you will get so insight of what is Google Analytics? I choose Google Analytics because it is the most widely used web analytics tool available. One major reason you all know is that it’s free. Another reason which I want to explain in this article is that, unless and until you have a very big business spread worldwide which gets millions of visits every day, you can easily make up your work by this tool. This is every expert’s recommendation as Google analytics is very easy to implement, easy to use and easy to understand. So a beginner can read the help files and start working on it.

Google Analytics history: Well you may think that why I am including this topic as you can easily go and Google this topic. The reason why I included this topic is because I want to tell how it evolved. Actually this is not very old software and was started in April 2005. Google bought Urchin Software Corp. in April and launched the free software Google analytics in November 2005. There was a huge rush among webmasters to create an account and as a result, Google had to stop creating new accounts. There was a help page where you can submit your email id and depending upon the rush, Google will send you a mail when there is a scope for creating an account. So this was the start of probably one of the most popular web analytics software.

How to setup a Google Analytics account: Creating a Google analytics account is as simple as creating a Gmail account. The only requirement is that you should have a website or at least access to the HTML (or PHP) code section of the website for which you are creating an account. The only precaution which I think should be considered while creating the account is the proper selection of time zone. If your analytics account is linked to your AdWords account, you can never change your time zone. Hence take precaution as I made this blunder and am paying till now. Other option here is to cancel the existing account completely and then make a fresh account with the time zone you want. But in this case you will miss all the data prior to the date of creating the new account. Now when you create the account, Google generates a small snippet of Java script (known as Google analytics tracking code) which you have to place on your website. Please make sure to place it on all the pages of your website you want Google to track. The code will remain similar for all the pages of the same website.

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