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5 Unique Ways to Instantly Boost Your Blog Traffic

Posted by on 25th Jun 2013 | 6 comments

Traffic is the life-blood for any online business model and any monetization strategy requires a consistent inflow of relevant visitors.

That is why generating regular streams of highly relevant traffic is what every webmaster and blogger aims for.

A simple search like “website traffic generation” on Google would give you literally millions of articles and blog posts that offer different ways of building up your visitor count.

However, most of the times you come across very similar, and sometimes even outdated, methods and strategies of creating traffic channels.

Other times, the methods on offer are just too time consuming and cannot be implemented immediately.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve gathered a list of 5 traffic generation techniques that will not only start sending you traffic immediately but will also help you in developing long term traffic generation channels that will keep sending you highly relevant visitors.

1.    Share Your Blog Post With on Scoop.it

Having personally benefited from this content curation platform, I can safely say that Scoop.it can not only send you very high numbers of traffic but also help make your content viral (if it has value, of course)

As soon as you publish a new blog post, head over to Scoop.it and share your post with 25-30 top Scoop.it pages. Your posts won’t be accepted immediately, but if they eventually do get the nod you can expect a huge surge of visitors to your blog.


2.    Facebook Hashtags (#)

Facebook recently enabled hashtags of its own. Just like Twitter, Facebook hashtags will make it much easier for users to search for content of their interest using the relevant search terms with hashtags, for example #blogging.

That offers a huge opportunity for bloggers and webmasters to attract more traffic from Facebook. Use high traffic hashtags that are relevant to your content to give yourself a good chance of attracting traffic. The tendency of users to “Like” and Share content on Facebook is higher than the probability of your Tweets getting RTs. So it’s much easier to get referral traffic through a few Shares and Likes.

Since this feature is still evolving, you can expect a few more opportunities to pop up in the coming days.

3.    Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a simple way to attract instant traffic to your blog.

I know that Google has denied any direct relationship between search rankings and rich snippets. But research clearly shows that the probability of users to click search results with author pictures is much higher than simple search listings.

And it also makes sense doesn’t it. A picture alongside your search results adds a lot more credibility.

Increase Blog Traffic

And the best part is the ease with which you can set up Google Authorship in a few minutes.

4.    Audio Sharing Sites

Another instant way of attracting qualified traffic along with some quality backlinks to your blog is by using the audio versions of your articles to promote your blog.

The process is simple but there are not many bloggers who are using this method.

Simply record your audio content using a free service like Audacity or any other sound recorder.

Once done, submit your audio file to sound sharing websites like Soundcloud.com and a few others.

Make sure you provide a solid description of your audio content while uploading it. Also include links to the text version in your description.

The best thing about this strategy is the impact it has on your brand image. It instantly shoots it up and takes your credibility to a higher level.

5.    Link Parties!

If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a pretty funny way of attracting new traffic. The idea is simple.

A lot of top blogs regularly hold link parties where they invite their readers to post links of their most valuable blog posts. The party is usually open for 24-48 hours and gives the readers a chance to promote their content.

You can find these link parties through simple Google searches like “blog link party”, “blog hops” and a few variations of these terms.

Make sure you post your link early, since most of the times the submissions are listed in chronological order.

Here you go. Try these 5 methods and let me know in the comments if it worked for you or not. I’m sure it will!

Jawad Khan is a digital marketer and a freelance blogger for hire. Follow him on his blog Writing My Destiny and Twitter.

6 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Edson Hale on 26th Jun 2013

    Scoop.it is my tested one to boost traffic but the need is to smartly use it because it is not as simple as other social media and purely a curator site

    • Posted by Jawad Khan on 26th Jun 2013

      Hey Edson,

      I agree. You need to select the the scoops carefully. It also helps if you have a prior relationship or contact with the major scoop owners

      Thanks for commenting


  • Posted by Richard Martin on 27th Jun 2013

    Great post – one of the most simple things on this list is Google Authorship – I have seen a massive increase in traffic just because of being accepted on this programme.

    • Posted by Jawad Khan on 27th Jun 2013

      Thanks Richard.

      Yes Google Authorship does make a huge difference

  • Posted by Joseph Adediji on 27th Jun 2013

    Great Post Jawad,
    these are indeed some cool ways to get more blog traffic. BTW, I will be mentioning your post in my link roundup for this week over at my blog, it will be published tomorrow.

  • Posted by Jawad Khan on 27th Jun 2013

    Hey Joseph,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Thrilled to be a part of your link roundup :) looking forward to it