Topify Application For Both iOS & Android Just Launched Today

Have you heard or even downloaded the new Topify app? It just launched today and it’s free to download. Users on both iOS and Android can use it. Among the many questions you might have about the app, the first one you’ll ask is, “What will this app do for me?”. One of the largest problems about forums, is forgetting which ones you’re active on and having to log into each one of them individually.

With the Topify app you can do the following:

1. Find your favorite forums and interact

2. Discover new forums to participate in

3. Integrate your own forum at no cost and be able to customize it to your own look and feel

Another question you might be asking right now is “What are users saying about the app?”. Here’s what three users have said:

“Just download the app, so far very quick and responsive!”

“I like the slider bar to quickly jump from page to page. That’s pretty sweet.”

“I have zero issues so far. Has kept me logged in, remembers my forum, loads pictures, downloaded app quickly and buffers pages quick. I’m impressed!”

To wrap up, forum owners and forum lovers can use the Topify app to solve many of the problems that exist. No more having to log into your different forums. You will have access to all your favorite forums in one organized place. Will you download the Topify application?

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