7 Tips to Make a Strong Impact on Visitors with Your Landing Page Headlines

What constitutes the headline of your landing page? Since your headline is the first thing that visitors view on a landing page, it should always be crafted in a way that catches their eyes instantly and compels them to continue. If not aware enough, online marketers could easily choose a headline that’s just savvy jargon, clichéd or dubious. Thus, they will kill landing page conversions.

Rather than committing mistakes like many others, you need to come up with a headline that makes a strong impact on visitors and maximizes the rate of conversion on the landing page.

But how do you do that?

Well, you’ll need to abide by these seven tips.

#1. Make it Easily Understandable
One of the most important traits of an effective landing page headline is its clarity. As soon as visitors click an advertisement and arrive on your landing page, they want to know what they can expect. Therefore, you need to convey the message in a way that’s easy and clear to understand.

In fact, the headline that you choose should give visitors a clear idea of what the landing page is about in no more than 2-5 seconds.

#2. Make it Attractive
While delivering the message clearly is important, it should always look very appealing to the visitor. To make the headline extremely attractive, you need to make sure it mentions the major benefit of the product or service you are trying to market or sell.

#3. Make it Specific
After all, it’s the headline of the landing page. You need to deliver the message in the fewest words. The selection of words for the headline should be done very carefully. Cut down any extra or vague words.

Focus on specificity.

#4. Make it Relevant
One of the most important things that you need to achieve with your landing page headlines is relevance. That means the message delivered via the headline should be relevant to the person who’s reading it.

#5. Make it Credible
Today’s visitors are more knowledgeable than ever. They can quickly see through if you try to fake it. That is why creating trust or credibility is a big challenge that you need to face with your headline. If you make bizarre or freaky claims, you will successfully drive visitors away.

People will convert only when you are able to earn their trust. So, always keep the credibility factor at the top of your mind.

#6. Make it Unique or Exclusive
If you are trying to sell a product or service, you need to identify the USP or the unique selling proposition. Once you know you have to offer something that only you (and none of your competitions) can offer, you should include that into the headline you create. This is what makes your landing page headline unique, valuable and stand out.

#7. Make it Well-Formatted
Apart from everything else that you do to come up with powerful headlines for your landing page, you need to make sure it’s formatted really well. The better formatting you do, the more easily will your visitors notice the headline. For example, you should center-align the headlines, make them bold and use the ‘Title Case’ among others.

When you are looking to give your landing page an effective, highly converting headline, the best idea is to write down at least a few of them while focusing on the core message. Then you can narrow down the list, adjust, improve and choose the one that you think will make the most impact on visitors.

Does your landing page begin with an effective headline? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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