Why business blogging isn’t a backstage tool

Success online means leaning how to blog or having someone do it for you. Take a look right now at some of the websites that impress you most in your target niche. The chances are they’ll have a blog tab, but if you click there you might be surprised to find badly written or, worse yet, copy and pasted material. For some misguided business owners, blogging is just one of those backstage tools for seo that isn’t really a front and centre marketing necessity. If that’s the way you look at blogging, here’s why you’re wrong.

  • Nothing can hide on your website. All the content on any website will be searched out if you get traffic coming there that’s interested enough to stay. Just because you’ve got excellent text on the homepage and other high profile pages doesn’t mean you can use the blogs as a mere keyword vehicle.
  • There’s no second chance to make a good first impression. Badly written blogs makes it look like the other good content on the more high profile parts of the website is part of a smoke and mirrors show. It could even cast a little doubt on the authenticity and value of the goods and services you’ve got to sell.

Remember, becoming an industry expert on any subject starts with good content all the way around. If you’re like a lot of Internet related businesses, you don’t have the time to do all the marketing yourself and that’s why you need to hire a content writer that knows what they’re doing.

Balance your company’s insights and personality on the blogs. There’s no quick method for blogging success, but putting a little personality in the text lets potential readers in and increases the likelihood of sales.

Don’t try to sell. Sorry, but Old School just doesn’t cut it here. Readers want value added material and they’ll reject you and any hard sell techniques faster than you can churn them out. Blogging is one of the more important marketing tools that the successful Internet based business can’t afford to relegate to a backstage position. Still, you don’t want to stray too far off course with the subjects you write about. Keep in mind, blogs on company websites need to be primarily directed to target market customers.








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