How to Build Relationship with Top Bloggers in your Niche? Part 2

So you want to build a successful blog?

What if you have someone like Brian Clark tweet about your latest post? Would that give you enough traffic?

Of course yes.

This will make a huge spike in your traffic.

What if you have relationship with others like Darren Rowse, Zac Johnson, Ileane Smith and Ana Hoffman.

Of course, this will give you bigger spike on your high quality posts.

In this post, I’ll speak about the most critical part in creating relationship with top bloggers.

This thing may surprise you. So continue reading.

Make sure to check the first part of this series.

The critical part to build relationship with top bloggers:

The critical part to build relationship with top blogger and make them promote your content is your blog.

What? My Blog?

Yes, your blog.

But how?

Well, the answer is really simple.

If you start building relationship with top blogger and you have low quality blog, will they think of you?

They have a lot to care about. If you can’t capitivate them from the first seconds, you’re going to lose them forever.

But how to make my blog better?

The answer is really simple also.

Care more about your design.

You don’t need to have a fancy site, but there’re a lot of pscycological things you need to care about.

Like these 4 Key Design Blunders That Can Turn People Off.

But how to create a great blog design?

Here’re simple tips to help you do so:

  • Make it simple: Don’t care a lot about fascination
  • Make it fast: As you increase your blog speed, more readers will check it
  • Communicate with your audience language: You’re speaking to your audience, so communicate your design with your audience
  • Make it easy to navigate: Making a high quality navigation will increase the engagement on your blog
  • Increase white space: This give a room for your text to breath
  • Increase the font of your headlines: to make your content look better
  • Remove Distractions: To make your readers do the action that you want
  • Increase the contrast between font color and the background color: to make it easy for your readers to read your content.

What should you do after you’ve a great design?

Create high quality content.

Create content that they make them proud to share it with their audience.

This can really help you start building a great relationship with top bloggers.

Make your content long, useful and have a lot of great info.

Neil Patel says that as your post is longer, it receives higher rankings from google.

You can check my ebook to know how to write Compelling Content that Attacts readers and search engines.

Last words:

Care more about your blog. This is what others see about you. It reflects your ideas.

It’s your portfolio.

Care more about it.

Start with the design. Make it better. You can also buy the elegant themes or buy one theme from studiopress. They have high quality themes there.

After that care more about your content. Try to make it better.

Take action now. You can start building relationship with top bloggers.

Tell me what frustrates you most in the comments.

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