How to Write Engaging Emails And Get Readers To Believe Everything You Say

Bloggers need to have a solid relationship with their readers. This is important if you want to profit from your blogging efforts.

Without a strong relationship with readers, it’s like talking to air. You won’t get anything out of your efforts. And it’s better to just stop what you’re doing because you’ll only waste more time.

You need to engage your readers to profit

Bloggers need to engage readers. This is where the money comes from. When you have a loyal following, you can promote affiliate products, products you’ve created, or your services. This is why blogs need to build a list.

The money is in the relationship with your list

3D button newsletterYou’ve probably heard many times that the money is in the list. This is mostly true. Actually, the money isn’t in the list itself but in the type of relationship you have with your list. That’s what determines how much money you can make from your blog.

So how do you establish that kind of relationship with your readers?

I’m sure many bloggers (and even affiliate marketers) are desperately searching for a magic pill for building a strong and loyal list. The bad news is there’s none. So don’t fall for any particular product that will claim it holds the secret to building a very profitable list.

How to get your readers’ trust and build a relationship with them

The good news is there are different ways to do that. Because the situation is different for each blogger and marketer, I believe there’s no single method that will help you acquire subscribers that won’t hesitate to try any product or service you recommend.

However, there are different methods you can use.

One thing I’ve learned that will tremendously help is knowing how to write engaging emails.

This is one of the list building strategies that will help you improve your blog and make it a profitable business. When you know how to write engaging emails, it’s easy to attract people to your blog like flies.

You don’t have to resort to different marketing tactics to get people to subscribe to your blog. You won’t waste time because everything you send out will definitely yield results.

The one secret to creating emails that work is to tell a very good story and know how to leave your readers hanging. Become a good copywriter.

This is one technique I learned from Andre Chaperon, the guy behind Auto Responder Madness, which is a great resource for email marketing.

When you send out newsletters to your list, make sure that there’s a main story that you will build. It’s like a television show. There’s a story line that you develop as the episodes go along.

Each email will contain information and an engaging story that you have to build up as you go along. And you leave something for the imagination at the end of each email.

Basically, you give something and then hold back a little, telling your readers that there’s something more in the next email.

Andre’s course uses popular television shows as an example in getting readers hooked in each email.

And as someone who loves watching series like Alias, 24, Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, CSI, and others, I totally get how they can help us write better emails that our readers will love.

Here are simple ways that will help you write engaging emails:

  • Have a main story line. This will serve as the backbone of your email marketing strategy.
  • Determine how long you’re going to send the emails so you can plan what you’re going to give away and hold back a bit.
  • Make sure that you create sub-stories in your emails. These are effective in keeping readers’ attention.
  • Don’t forget to be personal when writing. Readers need to know that it’s you who’s talking to them. Use simple language. Tell your story.
  • Refrain from promoting products or inserting sales pitches in your emails. But don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to promote something once you’ve gotten your readers’ interest.
  • Write short sentences. This works really well, try it.

Go and try it. It should help you start building a loyal following effectively.

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