How to Build Relationship with Top Bloggers in your Niche?

What will happen if Zac Johnson recommended one of your products to his readers?

I think this will bring you enough sales.

What if Brian Clark, Darren Rowse had also promoted it?

I’m sure your earnings are going to skyrocket. But how?

You need to build a relationship with them before anything, so when you ask them for a favor, they will do it for you happily.

But how to build that relationship?

This is all what the post is about.

Let’s dive in and know how to build relationship with top bloggers.

1- They still check Comments, so why don’t you write high quality one:

I’m sure that every one of the top blogger check new comments.

For example, if you want to comment here, you need the approval of Zac Johnson and he don’t accept every comment. This means that he looks at maybe all of them.

Another example, Go to the comments section of CopyBlogger, you’ll find that sometimes Brian and Sonia respond to comments.

This mean that they check new comments.

Why don’t you write one that gets their attention instead of one like “nice post, keep up the good work”?

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Leave long comments that explain your thoughts about the post
  • Add any new thing that they may had missed
  • Don’t respond negatively
  • Try to comment more frequently on their posts, but only leave high quality comments
  • Ask a question related to the topic and they may have missed to answer in the post
  • Try to be from the first commentators.

These are 6 tips that can help you use the comments section to get the attention of top bloggers.

The most important tip is to leave high valued comments that make them says WoW.

2- Try to have others help you get on their Radar:

The best way to build relationship with Blogger A is to make Blogger B, who have relationship with Blogger A, to recomend you to him.

How this?

Maybe Blogger A is someone who you can’t get on their radar easily, so build relationship with Blogger B, who had built that connection with blogger A.

Make Blogger B tells Blogger A about you, or simply, they start sharing your content and blogger A will notice this and your job will be easier.

Still not getting on their radar?

Build relationship with another one who had also built relationship with blogger A. Make them also share your content.

When they see these 2 bloggers, who they respect, share your content, this will actually make them say, what the Heck is that Guy!!

So they now want to get on with you not the opposite.

Really great thing to try.

It actually takes time, but it actually worth it on the long run. They can help you with their authority. Always, remember this.

Last Words:

And yes, this is the start of another series here on Blogging Tips.

Actually, this one will be somehow different, because it contains some great stuff.

So now tell me what do you think about the post? Do you have any tip I can add in next posts?

Waiting for your comments…

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