7 Things that Will Make People Addicted to Your Blog

Enticing your blog visitors to read more of your blog is the most important thing to keep your visitors engaged with your blog. What does popular blogs do to retain their blog visitors? They always make sure that their blog is interesting for their visitors. If you have a blog and want to attract more visitors to it, you should follow this step. You have to entice your blog visitors to read more of your blog and make it more interesting for them. Here are 7 things that will make people addicted to your blog:

1. The titles of your blog posts

No matter how people get to your blog, they’ll keep reading your blog if they see good titles in your blog sidebar. Yes, the way you write your blog post title should entice your readers to read it. Remember that good headline is the headline that can entice people to read the content. So, you should make your blog the host of good headlines in order to make people read your blog more and more.

2. Cool design

People are looking for comfortable place to read online. Believe it or not, people browse the internet looking for information. But, they’ll either keep reading or not just by looking at your blog design. If you have cool and appealing design, people will say, “Well, this blog is cool. I want to explore more.” But, if you have bad, ugly, and unappealing design, people will say, “What a boring blog, but I need to read the content anyway. I will make sure that I leave this blog once I’ve done reading.”

3. Unique personality

The way you write your content is also paramount for your success. People will either like your blog or not based on your writing style. Most popular blogs have their own unique personality that makes people enjoy reading them. They reflect the personality of the blogger. So, if you can fuse your personality with your blog, you’ll be able to create an interest that will attract more readers in the long run.

4. Good ads organization

No one will enjoy reading a blog with many ads in it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t put any ads in your blog. It means that you have to organize your ads so that they won’t hurt your readers’ experience in enjoying your blog. The rule is simple: don’t make your ads annoying for your readers. Make your ads a part of your blog design. It means that your ads should enhance your blog’s visual presentation instead of annoying your readers.

5. Videos and graphics

Videos and graphics have an important place in your blog. They can enhance the quality of your blog and make your blog more interesting and fun. People might be bored reading texts in your blog. That’s why you need to publish videos occasionally. This is to prevent people from getting bored. Also, putting ‘text only’ in your blog post will not make it interesting to read. You have to associate your text with good graphics so that people will become more enthusiastic in reading it. These elements will make your blog more interesting, guaranteed.

6. More and more tips

As I said before, people are browsing the internet looking for information. Specifically, they want tips and more tips. If your blog can provide more and more tips for your readers, you will be able to make it more appealing and engaging for your readers. Give tips and more tips. Your readers are craving to learn from you. They want to read tips after tips, and these are the things that make your readers addicted toward your blog.

7. The number of your followers

Of course, a blog that has bigger number of followers will be respected more. Have you ever seen the blog that has 250K+ subscribers in its Feedburner mailing list? Don’t you want to subscribe as well? Most of the time, you want to do it. Why? That’s because hundreds of thousands of people can’t go wrong. This blog rocks! This blog can attract such a huge amount of subscribers. It means that there’s something special in this blog. Thus, you want to subscribe to it as well. This is how you attract more interest from your readers. By putting the number of your followers, you’ll slowly attract your readers to follow your blog.

Those are 7 things that will make people addicted to your blog. You can focus on those things if you want to turn your blog into a popular blog.

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Hey everyone! My name is John Conor. I help online marketers and business owners to learn the insight tips and techniques of blogging.

Richard Martin - June 1, 2013

Good post, especially the last point.

If there are 2 restaurants, next to each other, and one is full with a queue going outside, and the other is empty with the waiters walking around polishing wine glasses, which restaurant would you prefer to go in?

It is the same with most things in life, and blogging is no different.

Himanshu - June 1, 2013

I really like all your points which make people addicated to a particular blog.According to me,if a blog is not build in a good manner but content is great then it still cant turn his visitors into subscribers.A blog must have all the qualities which you have written in this post to success in his field

Vishal Patel - June 2, 2013

i loved the last point because if we create a certain amount of followers or subscriber then you had traffic … not require much job to do as you will get daily readers easily !!

Kevin Martin - June 3, 2013

I can definitely attest to the power of catchy headlines.

Sourav - June 6, 2013

Agreed to all the points you have mentioned. The last point is really an interesting one, and Richard made it all the more interesting with the example he gave in his comment.

Vassilis - June 9, 2013

All points 1-7 are very important.

But the number 3, the Unique personality of the blogger and number 7, the number of subscribers are the top ones in my opinion.

Again, a very good post from blogging tips!

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