5 Biggest Mistakes that Will Kill Your Online Business


One of my friends is launching his new product online. All the preparations have been done perfectly. All the marketing materials have5 Biggest Mistakes that Will Kill Your Online Business been created. The necessary promotion budget has been prepared. But, something happens contrary to his expectation. His product turns out to be a dud. It won’t sell. He slashed the price, still, it won’t sell. What’s wrong with this? Does he make a mistake in the process? Yes, he does. He made more than one mistakes in his marketing campaign. You can do the same. Here are 5 biggest mistakes that will kill your online business:


1. Bad, bad sales page


No matter how good your promotional material, or no matter how good your product, it won’t do any good if you have a bad sales page. A sales page is a door that separates your audience with your product. They can only access your product through your sales page. But, they won’t get in if they don’t feel motivated to use the product. So, your sales page is basically an attempt to persuade people, or to convince people, to buy your product. A sales page that is full of clutters and without a good structure will only make your product look bad. Remember that many sellers are paying $20,000 or more just to pay their copywriters to write an excellent sales page. What have you done to your sales page? Do you make a real effort to craft a good converting sales page?


2. Generic product with no specialty


Some people don’t realize that creating the right product for the right market is very important to make them succeed in selling it. And unsuccessful products are products that are not specifically targeted to a specific market. In other words, the product is targeted for a broad or general market, which often has very stiff competition. In online marketing, it is much better to create a product that is targeted for a specific market rather than broad market. “One size fits all” won’t work in online marketing. Niche domination is what’s important in online marketing success.


3. No follow up system in place


Traffic that doesn’t convert is a wasted traffic. But, you can turn even traffic that doesn’t convert into a converting traffic if you have a good follow up system in place. Without a good follow up system, you won’t be able to catch the traffic that is lost. People might not want to buy your product in the first time they see it. That’s why you need to have a good follow up system in place. For example, you can create a blog in your website and publish regular content to it. You can also offer a free report in your blog and entice people to subscribe to your mailing list. This is better than just putting one sales page in your website without any additional pages that support it. A good follow up system will let you warm up your visitors before they decide to buy your product. In this way, they will feel more interested toward your product.


4. Focusing on what doesn’t work


The codename is ‘tracking’. If you want to succeed in your online marketing promotion, you have to track your campaign. Without tracking your campaign, you won’t be able to spot what works and what doesn’t work. That’s because it is important for you to focus only on what works. Don’t focus on what doesn’t work. It won’t give you any more profit. If you see that one of your campaigns is constantly losing you money, although it is making good sales, then it is a good move for you to dump that campaign and focus only on what gives you real profit.


5. Spam advertising


If you don’t do your marketing promotion strategically, you’ll end up in a bad position. People who don’t even know what they’re doing will attempt to do their promotion everywhere. They’ll put their ads in many Facebook groups (spamming), they’ll send their promotion to email addresses that they purchase from shady list brokers (spamming), they’ll put their banners in many link farming websites, they’ll blast their promotion by writing spam comments to hundreds of blogs, and so on. These marketing tactics will only make your product look bad, unprofessional, and less reputable. As a result, people avoid it. They know that it is ‘crap’.

Those are 5 biggest mistakes that will kill your online business. It turns out that my friend realizes his mistake and wants to change his promotion strategy. Several months later he launches a new product with better promotion strategy, and it turns out to be a big success for him.


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