How to write an eBook People Want to Read

The ability to write a compelling eBook is one of the most profitable skills any Internet marketer can have!

Just by selling a single eBook, many Internet marketers have made hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. They’re easy to put together and easy to distribute. They don’t require any overhead, unless you use a company like E-Junkie (which is actually pretty cheap).

Apart from selling eBooks, many bloggers give them away in exchange for their readers’ information. These readers are delivered a How to Write an eBook People Want to Readcarefully thought-out message, and the end of the eBook invites further action. It’s one of the best ways to move a potential client along your marketing funnel.

However, many Internet marketers don’t ever write a single eBook.

People freak out when they realize that their eBook could be read by thousands of people. They freak out because they have to put together a large amount of useful content into a single document that flows and makes sense.

It’s daunting.

So what’s the best way to come up with enough useful content to create a compelling eBook?
When I brainstorm up a killer idea for an eBook, the next step is to break it up into manageable, chapter-sized pieces.

Let’s say my eBook topic is “How to Write Killer Content For Your Blog.”

I then write about 10-12 sub-headlines, and pretend that each sub-head is the title of a blog post. For example, a few sub-heads for the above idea could be:

  • Generating content ideas
  • Writing so everyone can understand
  • How to use the “problem, agitate, solution” style of blog writing
  • How to properly format a post so it looks visually appealing

And so on! Once you’ve got those ideas down pat, it becomes SUPER simple to flesh out the content. Whatever your normal writing process is for writing a blog post can be used on each section.

I’ll work on one section per day, just like I would a blog post. I sketch a quick outline, write out some bullet points, write out a quick rough draft, and then edit ruthlessly.

Of course, having a collection of blog posts do not an eBook make! It’s easy enough to stick them all in the same Word Document, but you still just have a loose collection of ideas.

Next, work on writing an introduction to the entire thing, and then a conclusion. You then need to go through and add transition words and sentences in between your posts so it actually flows. Simply ending one idea and diving into the next can make your reader feel like they’re stopping and starting again every chapter.

Also, be sure to make sure your posts are ordered in such a way that your ideas properly build on each other. Having a logical order to your ideas will help frame the mindset of your prospects and convince them to take action at the end. You can either have them purchase a product, like your Facebook Page, or any number of other actions!

Have you created an eBook? What struggles did you have?

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