11 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Websites

dropboxOnline file sharing is a simple process of uploading your files online and then sharing the links for their downloads via email, chat or other options with those whom you want to share your files with. There are a variety of websites available to share your files via them. Few provide limited access, with restrictions and require downloading softwares, while others do not require even SignUp, provide spam free service and have a large memory size available to be used without downloading any software, and they are also secured. Here you will get a list of websites that describe your purpose completely and easily.

List of free and easy file sharing sites

  1. Dropbox: Dropbox is, currently ranked among the top online file sharing service providers available. With this you can synchronize your files very easily and then share it with anyone using its public or shared folders. You can create an account to manage your files and talking about size, you can upload individual files up to 300 MB file size to a maximum limit of 2 GB, which can be increased to multiple times also.

  2. Windows Live Skydrive: Microsoft isn’t quite famous in the market of web applications, but a few of the giant companies are exceptionally good at serving you the purpose, like the Microsoft’s Skydrive service, that allows you to send and receive large files via the internet. Here you can create an account and then enjoy 25 GB of free online available memory space to be used for sharing your files worth 50 MB of each file limit. Also, you can create personalized folders to restrict rights for users.

  3. ADrive: ADrive is the leader of the industry of the online sharing and backup creating service providers. They lead the industry due to the availability of the largest amount of online space to use and the simplest interfaces making the use of this website easy and fast.

  4. Oosah: Oosah is another website that provides an easy and fast access to the sharing purposes online. Apart from this, oosah serves its users with its rich in features website and also allows users to manage their content that may be any personal or private, might be photos, videos, music or other audio files.

  5. Mozy Online Backup: Mozy is a leader in the industry for providing secured service for the backup of your files including your important files, documents, pictures and other files in a simple and easy to use automatic manner. You can upload your files to make an online backup or you can share links for downloading the files to your friends or other known persons you want to share your uploaded files with.

  6. Fileai: Fileai is a website that provides you a secure way of sharing your content with others online. When a file is uploaded to this site, it isn’t uploaded to any server, rather, it is encrypted and sent directly without any storage online.

  7. Sharesend: Sharesend is a free and easy to use service providing website for sharing your files instantly. In this service you don’t need to create any account to upload your files and then share them with others. Here you simply need to upload the file, after the completion you will get a link, which allows others to directly download the files.file sharing

  8. Gigasize: Gigasize is another name in the list when it comes to easy and fast online sharing of your files. Large sized files, that cannot be uploaded or sent via emails can be uploaded to generate a download link by just a click of the mouse.

  9. Filebanker: Filebanker is a solution to online sharing, when it comes to sharing files that have a very large size. You don’t need to sign up for any paid options, nor you are irritated with repeated messages to use paid services. This site allows a spam free service with a storage capacity of 10 GB.

  10. Dropsend: Dropsend provides a fast, simple and a secured online service to send and receive files. Other than sharing, you can also store your files on the website.

11.  Badongo: Bodango is an online community allowing users to share large sized files by sharing a simple link and also it allows to create a network to access each other’s files on the network.

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