The Foolproof Way to Get Attention from Famous Bloggers

There are so many tips out there for catching the eye of the big bloggers you admire.

“Comment on their posts and they’re sure to notice you.” – Yeah, maybe. Eventually.

“Offer them a guest post you’ve written specially for them.” – That’s nice. They see a lot of those, though.

“Mention them on your blog.” – Flattery is great, but it’s not enough to make a big impression.

“Retweet everything they say.” – OK, now you’re getting creepy.

The truth is, these tips only work if your role model is paying attention to all their readers’ interactions. That’s a beautiful idea, but if I’m honest, I have to tell you: the top bloggers aren’t reading every last thing you do. They’re too busy. Some of them don’t even read their own email; they’ve got a VA to do it for them.

But there is one tip that guarantees you’ll get at least a few moments of that big bloggers’ time. Try it and see… 

How to Buy a Top Blogger’s Attention

The Foolproof Way to Get Attention from Famous BloggersThat’s right: buy it. Find out what your blogger does for income, and get involved.

Why? Because it makes you more than a reader, more than a follower. It makes you a customer. And suddenly your famous blogger cares a whole lot about what you think.

Let’s look at a few examples. Name some of your favourite bloggers:

They all have something you can spend money on: a book, a training  course, a consulting session; take your pick. Chances are that if you deeply admire this blogger, then you’ll find at least one thing they offer that genuinely appeals to you.

Buy it! Don’t spend money you don’t have, but buy one product or service that’s within your budget.

The best thing to buy is one-to-one consulting or mentoring, so that you get your target blogger’s attention all to yourself. Failing that, try a course that includes live webinars or Q&A sessions. If a $5 ebook is all you can afford right now, go with that.

OK, I Bought Something. Now What?

Now, you’ve got the perfect reason to occupy a bit of your favourite blogger’s time. Come up with one burning question you’d love to ask them. Make sure it fits these 3 attention-grabbing criteria:

  1. Open – ask the type of question that will take more than a couple of words to answer.
  2. Original – don’t ask a question that’s already been answered on the blogger’s About or FAQ pages!
  3. Specific – address one tightly focused issue that matters to you and to your superhero blogger.

Then deliver your question on the back of the product or service you’ve paid for: ask it during your coaching call, or use the contact information in the blogger’s ebook to send them a message.

As a paying customer, you’re almost certain to get a response. Nobody likes to let their customers down.

And that’s it! You’ve started a conversation and you have their attention. If you went with a consulting session, you may have their undivided attention for an hour or more.

Use it wisely. 😉

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