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For many bloggers and online marketers, their dream is to leave the 9-5 job and eventually become their own bosses. This can be done with enough determination, work and effort. In the end it’s all about finding something that works and not stopping until you get there. This is something that Tom has been working on and is on his way to finding major success. It only makes sense that his blog is titled “Leaving Work Behind” and all of this makes for an excellent reason for Tom to join in on the circle tabled of our meet the bloggers series.

1.) Please tell us about yourself and how you got into blogging?

Tom EwerI’m a 27 year old guy from a town called Rugby (yep, where the sport originated) in England. I got into blogging when I decided that I wanted to quit my job and earn money online (although at the time, I had no idea how).

2.) What is the focus of your blog and why did you choose that niche?

My blog is focused on quitting your job and building a successful online business. The niche chose me really — Leaving Work Behind started as an online accountability journal for my efforts in quitting my job.

3.) How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

My blog is monetized through affiliate marketing and sales of my freelance writing guide.

Leaving Work Behind

4.) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

That the key to successful blogging is to do the basics well. Any content/marketing strategy that is anything more than slightly complicated is typically not that effective. Create good content, have a good design, establish relationships with like minded people, and the rest follows.

5.) What are three blogs that you visit almost daily?

My favorite blogs are Smart Passive Income, SEOmoz and Think Traffic.

6.) Can you give us three recommended tools/services that you use with your blogging?

Absolutely. I love Market Samurai, Tweet Adder and Evernote.

7.) What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog?

Take action! Don’t get caught up in the minutiae of blogging — you’ll learn quickly by taking action and making mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

8.) What’s the best advice or tip you’ve discovered about blogging since getting started?

Building relationships is more important than just about everything. If you write good content and build great relationships then your blog will do well.

9.) If you only had $100 to start a new blog, how would you use it?

Buy a domain name and hosting. The rest can be done for free!

10.) How can readers of the blog get in touch with you?

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again Tom for taking the time to share your advice and story with the Blogging Tips community. If you would like to learn about other bloggers and how they are finding success online, be sure to read through our blogger interview series.

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