Creating Unique Content for Your Blog Has Never Been Easy With These Tips

It is very important that your blog has unique content.

It’s a mortal sin to post something that’s not original. Someone’s bound to notice and your reputation will be on the line. You definitely don’t want to sacrifice your rep as a professional blogger by publishing something that’s not 100% unique, do you?

Creating unique content will do your blog a lot of good. It will:

  • Help drive visitors to your blog
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Establish you as an expert on your chosen niche
  • Make your blog stand out from your competition

Today, at least 5 people have blogged about the same thing. And if you don’t know how to create unique content, there’s a very little window for success. To succeed as a blogger, you have to give people a reason to choose you over other blogs. And that’s where unique content comes in.

However, a lot of bloggers struggle with creating unique content.

Depositphotos_2056820_xsEven though you are already familiar with your topic, it can be difficult to come up with something that you haven’t written already. Thinking about a new spin on something or an entirely new blog idea can be tricky.

Think outside the box when it comes to new blog post ideas.

If you are having problems creating unique content, then these tips are for you.

Sign up to Google Alerts. My post last week talked about Google Alerts and how you can use it to improve your blog. It can also be helpful in generating new ideas for blog posts because the alerts sent to your inbox contain various articles, videos, and even news on a certain topic.

You can use those for inspiration. You can take a look at the entries and write about your take on what you’ve read.

Revisit a popular old post and spin it. You can browse your archives and see which posts generated a lot of attention. Create a more updated version of it. Make sure to refer back or link to the original post so readers who’ve seen it won’t feel like you’ve duplicated it. This should also give new readers a  backgrounder on the post.

Make a round-up post or a “best of” series. If you’re really out of ideas, the simplest way to publish something is to compile several posts and publish an article about it. Just find a common denominator so that your post will have structure.

A few examples would be “best of SEO for bloggers” or “top posts on online marketing that newbies can learn from.” You can definitely think of better ones than these.

Challenge a popular belief. When you challenge a popular belief, it brings attention to yourself. You create controversy, which is good for your blog. But make sure that you don’t come off as aggressive and present logical and sensible arguments. You have to make a good point.

Write about latest news and trends. News and trends are another great sources of information. You’ll find something to write about in your industry by reading leading newspapers and magazines.

Share your story. What can be more unique than your own story? It’s your blog so it’s all right to share your experiences. Just make sure that they’re relevant to the topic and your readers can actually learn something from it.

Hopefully these tips will help make it easier for your when creating unique content for your blog.

Feel free to share others in the comment section below.

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