Why My Comments Don’t Get Approved?

By Amrik Virdi | Around The Blogosphere

May 10

Blog commenting, as I have always maintained, is one of the best methods for getting some traffic to our blog, getting noticed by other bloggers in the community and also getting some link juice.

And while getting quality comments from intelligent people can be a matter of great pride for any blogger, some commenters go out of the way to annoy blog owners by leaving silly or irrelevant comments which never get approved.


I would like to share my post on my personal experience about how I got 500 pageviews everyday by blog commenting and its effect on my blog traffic.

Many people who bother to leave behind comments on my blog ask me why they were not approved.

And I make no bones about telling them that I do not want my blog to be flooded with spam comments. Not only will they hurt my blog SEO but also make it look like a low quality site- which is something I would never want!

If you are a blog owner who does not know how to deal with spam comments landing in your Comment box too often, let me tell you that there are two ways of dealing with them:

  1. Installing automatic filters: There are certain plugins which allow you to send certain types of comments directly to the spam folder without you ever having to see them at all.
  2. Manually moderating comments: And if you do not want to install too many plugins or do not seem to mind handling the process manually, you can moderate all the comments you are getting, you can manually deal with the ones which you find low quality or spammy by pressing the “Delete permanently” button.

Many blog owners have a “Commenting Policy”.

For all those bloggers who wonder why their comments did not see the light of the day, first read the commenting policy of the blog and then check out if you have been doing any of the blunders listed below:

1. Irrelevant comments: There are spammers who leave behind irrelevant comments. Earlier during the day, I got a comment saying, “Looking sexy”!!!  Imagine!

Do commenters like these actually hope to get approved? And what has my looking the way I do have anything to do with my blog or my post anyways?
2. One line comments: Do not expect one line comments like “gr8 work, Ma’am” and “Nice article” to get live on a quality blog. These are outrightly rejected. Take a minute to read the post and then write at least 2-3 lines about it. Even if you are in a hurry, read at least a part of the post than leaving behind a stock comment like that.
3. Comments with links: do not try being smart by adding links to your website or your posts in your comments. Even an intelligent, smart comment might get trashed if it contains links. Most bog owners make it clear that including any links in the comment or the name will lead to automatic deletion. Deservedly so, I’d say!
4. Comments without a gravatar: Many blog owners do not approve comments from those who do not have a gravatar. If you are a blogger and wish to make yourself known, make sure to get a gravatar. It takes just two minutes to do so and gives you the option to add a picture to your comments every time you do so, thereby assuring the blog owner that you are not a fake id.
5. Offensive comments: While it is always good to express candid opinion, do not cross the lines of decency. Avoid foul language, making racial comments, slangs, cussing words, provocative content or making personal attacks on the writer or blog owner. Being rude is no way to attract attention. Also keep the commenting policy in mind.


if you are not doing any of the commenting mistakes listed above yet wonder why your comments do not get approved, it would not be a bad idea to approach the admin or the editor of the blog directly and ask why you are being left out. He/ she would be the best person to help you out with that.

A young blogger once approached me to ask why he was being left out. When I checked out, I got to know that his address had landed into the spam folder. As soon as I rectified the error, I got another commenter I was glad to have around!

To make the best of your commenting efforts, try to comment on blogs which give you dofollow links for sharing your views. I have this painstakingly compiled list of 100 high Page Rank dofollow blogs for comment which might help you a lot.

Here is hoping that you leave behind valuable feedback and share YOUR reasons for rejecting comments!


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Arup May 10, 2013

Well the gravatar does matter when making a comment a blogging based blog. On the most of the cases comments gets disapproved for containing just one or two praising words and links on them. 🙂

Rahul May 10, 2013

You are right Amrik. I don’t approve comments most of the time because of spammy links or irrelevant comment which annoys the hell outta me.

Sunday May 10, 2013

I must comment that this is a most relevant article most bloggers should read. Comment is important for engagement, network, and link building.

Its unfortunate that most bloggers abuse commenting policies of blog owners, but I guess the details shared in this piece would readily help many realize why they are not being approved!

Personally, I have made some of the mistakes highlighted above, and have taken time to correct those mistakes.

I want to add that commenting policies of blog owners differ, hence it would be worthwhile if a blogger would adhere to individual blog’s policy before commenting.

Amrik Virdi’s views in this post are very helpful!

This content of this post has been “kingged” in the 4-in-1 social site – kingged.com for its value. More so, the comment above was left in the site by:
Sunday – contributor to kingged.com

Jane May 10, 2013

One liners, comments with links and comments without a Gravatar surely sound spammy to me – I double check those comments before I approve them. I never approve one liners even if its the best quote in the world!

Actually as a blog owner it is quite reasonable that every blogger disapproves or ignores comments that don’t add value to the post!

Sourav May 11, 2013

Comments with unrelated links, and comments like “Nice post”, I delete these kind of comments. And I myself try not to make. I can’t do much about the Gravatar thing since my own blog is on the Blogger platform (the commenting system is really messed up there).

Teckop May 11, 2013

Really the comments on blogs are going on spammy.. the bloggers are trying to increase their backlinks but not concentrating on the blog post they read. I believe that the comments which appear on my blog with links as spammy and i even delete those comments probably..

Vandhana Karthick May 12, 2013

In spite of giving very relevant comments after reading the complete article and asking doubts to author related, is also not approved. So how come to over come to approve the links. I am replying myself with quality as concerned to me and in lengthy manner which is easily need to be approved, but when we contact to author or website owner reply never comes. So over all interest decreases on that. Kindly suggest me.

himanshu May 12, 2013

Its really a nice and different post.Personally i always try to ask some questions when commenting on others blog to do some conversation with the blog owner.If we ask questions or share something other stuff which the admin has not included in the post then,its really 99.99% chances that our comment will live on that blog and blog owner will gave us good feedback than others

Anmol Makkar May 12, 2013

One Liner comments and links in comments are the one which are almost spam. As a blogger we have to keep a check on it, maybe a loyal writer might have written and complemented our writing, we should never allow links but should never be strict for One-Liners.
Not having Gravatar, i think isn’t a problem to approve the comment if it makes sense and starts a meaningful conversation.

AbduL GhaFFaR May 13, 2013

If the blog owner observe that what they are getting comment from their blog post. I am sure that No one who is real blogger will not leave bad comments like “Thanks for sharing knowledgeable information”, “Looking Sexy” like these. This type of work will always perform spammer who are working as freelancers. If some one is real blogger and He has knowledge and effect of spamming comments, He will not leave like these comments

BlackWoods May 14, 2013

Most people comment with just a few lines, but I don’t think that’s really the problem as if you can deliver your message in one or two lines, why not? There’s no need to include extra words to clutter up the comment.
Most people like to advertise by blog commenting that’s why they are not getting approved.

Leon May 14, 2013

I don’t mind a short message as long as it get’s the point across and know that the person read the blog or viewed the video in the post. I can spot someone trying to promote their selves from a mile away. That’s why they don’t get approved on my site.

Nagaraju G May 15, 2013

Great Post Amrik, i get many spam comments about 1000 daily. I used Akismet Plugin to filter them.

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