Top 50 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs For Commenting

By Amrik Virdi | Around The Blogosphere

May 09

CommentLuv is a fantastic WordPress plugin which is an absolute must-have for all bloggers who want to foster healthy discussions and lively interactions on their blog(s).

Developed by Andy Bailey, it is one plugin that can really go a long way in increasing social involvement on a blog and in building relationships with fellow bloggers.

I have observed over the course of my blogging journey that leaving comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs is one of the best traffic generation strategies as well.

Commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs has helped me connect to lots of bloggers who like to write on same or similar topics like mine because it allows me to leave the title of my last post along with my comment.


The premium version of it is still better. Most generous bloggers who have lots of backlinks and want to reward the commenters on their blogs can choose to give dofollow links to them after a certain number of approved comments. That further encourages the bloggers to comment more often on their chosen blogs, in a bid to get dofollow links from them.

Since mine is a new blog and blog over and I am not earning too much from it at the moment, I have currently installed the free version of this plugin. I am sure to buy the CommentLuv Premium as soon as I can afford it, because I believe in sharing the love.

Being a tech blogger, I am always on the lookout for comment luv enabled tech blogs where I can leave quality comments and improve the visibility of my blog.

And since I am sure most fellow bloggers in my niche have to struggle to find the right blogs for commenting purposes, I thought of sharing a list of painfully compiled CommentLuv enabled tech blogs with them.

For bloggers who want to make most of their commenting efforts and prefer to leave behind comments only on those blogs which give dofollow links to commenters, I have an ultimate list of 100 high page rank dofollow blogs too!

Here is this list featuring 50 awesome tech blogs with CommentLuv :

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If you found this list useful, do write back to me.


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Sugandha Agarwal May 9, 2013

Hi Amrik,
You have posted almost all top blogs here.
Even, I too love Comment luv Blogs!
Thanks for the list and bookmarked this post for the awesome links you have shared !! :)
Great Share!
Sugandha! :)

yogesh pant May 9, 2013

hello Amrik,
thanks for listing out the top comment luv enabled blogs in the single post. They are really a great help for me. I was already aware of a few of them but got to know about various new ones from this article! I have already bookmarked this page!

Rahul May 9, 2013

Thanks for this huge list mate. Definitely going to use some of them:)

Adam Youngpeter May 9, 2013

Thanks for the list! This is really handy to figure out which blogs to read and comment on to get the most out of my backlinks. I appreciate the time you spent compiling this!

rakesh kumar May 9, 2013

I am really sorry to say that this list is incomplete. Where is my blog name? my dear amrik. I am also among the best blogger, who use commentLuv and give every blogger to insert the best link of last posted 10 article.

Sarah Harper May 10, 2013

Thanks Amrik for the awesome list, i was looking for the latest list comment luv enabled blogs.

himanshu May 11, 2013

I was looking for such kind of tech blog list from last weekend.thanks for writing this post for us.I really like your passion about blogging.

Boomer Appleseed May 11, 2013

I’m wondering how long before Google algorithm filters out CommentLuv backlinks. It’s sounds like an easy way to get juice pointing to your blog. But hey, I’m not letting that gravy train passing by without jumping in it :)

Sanjeev May 27, 2013

Thanks Amrik for including Makewebworld in the list. Its really helpful to have this compilation to find out quality blog in Tech Niche…

Mahaveer Verma May 28, 2013

Hey Amrik!

Thanks for the list and also many many thanks for adding my blog on the list. I read many of the blogs you mentioned here and I am also a regular commentor at some of them.

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