Different Ways to Use Google Alerts to Improve Your Blog

Google Alerts is one of the many free tools you can use to improve your blog. And if you’re still not using it, better pay attention to this post. You’ll discover cool ways on how you can utilize this to have a better blog.

What is Google Alerts?

This is a free service from Google that allows you to receive alerts for news, blog posts, videos, and any other content that’s related to the keywords you’ve chosen. These alerts are sent through email and you can choose to have them sent daily or as new content, that has the keywords you want, is indexed by Google.

newsIt’s very easy to set up alerts in Google.  Just go to http://www.google.com/alerts. Enter the keywords you want to receive notifications for in the Search Query box. Choose how often you want to receive them (once a day, as-it-happens, or once a week). Select what kind of content you want (news, blog, videos,  discussions, or books) and then type in your email.

It’s very easy. As soon as you confirm the alert creation, you’ll start receiving alerts.

How Google Alerts can help you improve your blog

Not many people may realize that Google Alerts can be very helpful in blogging. You can use these to:

  • See if your posts are indexed by Google.
  • Study your competition.
  • Stay updated in your niche.
  • Keep up with latest trends, news, and developments.
  • Check what people think and say  about your blog.
  • Monitor your blog’s image.
  • See if your blog is ranking for the keywords you target.
  • Discover relevant blogs and websites.
  • Find more sources of data.
  • See potential blogs to guest post on.
  • Check who steals your content.

Google Alerts can be extremely helpful for bloggers. All it takes is setting aside the time to check every alert. Make time for it every day and you’ll be surprised at the many things you can discover that will help your blog.

I’ve found Google Alerts really helpful…

Personally, these alerts have allowed me to discover new blogs to guest post and meet other bloggers. These have also helped my keep my blog updated with posts related to the latest trends.

If you’re not getting these alerts yet, go and set up one now.

What about you? Do you use Google Alerts? Have you found them helpful? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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