How to increase your Email Subscribers Rate? Part 1

By Ahmed Safwan | Blogging

May 02

Still struggling to get more email subscribers?

Of course, you heard that money is in the list. The hardest part is to have high quality email subscribers.

So you can’t buy an email list. People won’t be engaged and they will unsubscribe from your email list.

But how to increase your email subscribers rate? Here are 3 tips you can apply today to get more subscribers.

So continue reading to know those tips. There is alot of great stuff out there.

1- Create an Incentive:

When people are new to your site, they won’t subscribe to your blog just to get updates. You need to offer them a high quality incentive that makes them want to subscribe to get it.

Having an incentive can make the difference between getting 2-3 subscribers/day to getting 25 subscribers/ day.

Yes, it can make all that difference.

A simple way to make your incentive is to go and check your older posts. Check the popular posts and make a simple ebook about a certain topic and then add related posts to it.

Also, you can give your readers an interview, a case study and many other things. There is no limit for the bribe you can offer. Sky is the only limit.

The best part is you can outsource all this stuff.

So thing about your incentive and start creating it now or make someone to make it for you.

2- Create more than an incentive:

What about making more than an incentive to make people subscribe to your blog?

This will attracts more leads to you.

Think Traffic saw an increase in subscribers rate/day after they created their traffic toolkit. It’s really awesome which I recommend you to check by the way.

You can start with 2 incentives and then start adding another one every month. Whenever you add another incentive publish a post regarding this update. You will see a huge increase in your subscribers rate every time you publish a new incentive.

Corbett had shown all what he did in this post. Go and check it: How I Tripled My Email Subscription Rate (and Why I Switched from MailChimp to AWeber)

3- Use a Feature Box:

Or what is called Halpern’s Box?

Of course, no one don’t know the giant Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. He is also another awesome man. He is behind the idea of using a simple box at the top of all your posts. This Box can help you get more and more subscribers.

Go and check this box live on his blog Social Triggers.

He said that it gets him 10% conversions which is better than the sidebar.

Last Words:

This is another series that I am starting after the How to Buld presence one. I have more posts to post there, but I will post them later.

There will be other parts of this series. Email marketing is the most profitable way to make money online. Go and ask Pat Flynn.

The main obstacle is getting more subscribers and this is what we will cover in this series.

So make sure to leave a comment with your tip. I may include it in our next posts.


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