How to Write your First Guest Blog Post?

By Naven Pillai | Blogging

Apr 29

Guest blogging is when you post a write-up to someone else’s blog. Thus, you do not own the blog site yourself. You How to Write your First Guest Blog Post? just write a post for that blog. Blogs are articles which writing style applies freedom of free-flowing. A blog is like an entry in a diary or personal journal. However, blogs are personal commentaries which are accompanied with researched facts. That is why blogs are versatile and updated as they are written to cater a broader range of appeal. In a blog, one can share a personal experience with an audience and there are possibilities of people meeting each other. This can expand and strengthen client and network database.


 Advantages of Writing a Guest Blog Post

To be a guest blogger is a good way to build your presence on the net, give your blog the needed growth, establish yourself and further increase the readers traffic towards your site of organization and business. As expected, the blog you write should be filled with valuable content so readers can identify and utilize it to particular applications. Choose an appealing topic on which you know many things about. As usual, make your titles and first paragraphs attention-grabbing. Most importantly, you have to entice the readers at the end of the post to check on your website. That is creating a call of action.

You may also include images in the post to make it interesting and not dull. Be supportive, inspirational and helpful. Keep sentences simple and the paragraphs short. The entire post must be concise and direct to the point. Since you are writing on someone else’s blog, make the post really good and more worth visiting. You may make the following as a guide to writing your first blog post.


Avoid Disastrous Scenarios

First, you have to avoid the mistakes bloggers generally make in writing a guest post. These are speaking about yourself only, writing without the right strategy, writing about common topics and posting on an unpopular blog. Your post must talk about well-known people and beneficial topics. It should let the audience see themselves, realize their mistakes and give them an idea of the things they should and should not do. Unfortunately, readers are not keen about you. Write posts that would not only increase ranks but should be eye-catching because the latter would result to the former. Fresh or new topics would attract visitors more than the common topics which can already become boring. Make sure to guest post on websites which are frequented by many visitors.


Study the Blog

Skim the blog that you are about to have your guest posting to get an idea of its trending and the type of audience it has. Pick at least five to 10 posts to analyze. Check on the posts and the comments as well. You shall notice that most likely, about 40 to 60 percent of blog posts talk about the same topic. That topic should be the target of your blog post. When you feel like already knowing what you are writing and to whom, then you are ready to start the actual writing process.


Do it Right

Develop the proper strategy for guest writing. Make sure your headline is captivating, attention-grabbing, simple and easy to understand. Create a guest post that is presentable. Start with a small blog to start gaining authority in your write-ups. Thus, do not expect to land on some authority sites automatically such as Daily Blog Tips,Problogger.netSmashing Magazine, etc. Communicate with some blog owners to whom you can share your writing style so they would have an idea. Your blog post would reflect you so make sure you really know what you are talking about. If you are a beginner and you talk about How to Become a Successful Blogger, then that would be quite absurd.

Make sure not to produce grammatical errorsspelling mistakesinappropriate indentation and improper fonts. Correct use of fonts means picking up the one which will not make it difficult for the reader to read. The font size should not be either small or big. Make the article look good with the application of soothing font colors and proper indentations. Embed some images as they add zest to the post. Since you are “guesting” at somebody’s blog, make sure to give your best shot by producing a great article which is worth the audience’ attention.


Submit Your Post

When your first guest post is done and after proofreading, spell checks and editions, it is ready for submission. Submit your guest post to the blog owner and then wait. The blog owner may either reject it or approve it. If it is rejected, at least know the reason of the rejection by asking the author. Then, submit it to other blogs or to your very own blog. However, if your guest post is being accepted, then you are successful. You can promote it to your network of friends so it reaches to more audience and gain online visibility.


About the Author

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Chris April 30, 2013

Studying the blog is very important. I turn down so many guest blog post offers because they obviously didn’t think about what kind of content I want for my blog Take some time to lo look at their blog/site before offering them a guest post… please.

kimsea April 30, 2013

Thanks for sharing! Absolutely, guest post is best way to increase higher blog ranking and added value to our blog and earning about how to write the guest post for blogging. change for awesome. Actually, try to learn about blog before release of own post is great way to get approved.

santosh April 30, 2013

hello john conor naming looks like terminator 3 hero, really you are also hero here, guest blogging is the best wepon in blogging to increase traffic as well as page rank.
thanks :-)

Suresh April 30, 2013

That was a impressive article. helpful to everyone…!

Lannister April 30, 2013

I was looking for site where I can learn things about guest blogging, wonderful information you’ve provided here :)

yogesh pant April 30, 2013

hey John,
Yes, i agree with you that the guest posting helps us in promoting our own website to a great extent. The readers might find the article interesting and with an increased probability may return to your website, following the link embedded.

Paul D. Mitchell April 30, 2013

According to my few SEO knowledge, I think, you have to do a good research on the demand of blog readers. Yoy have to fulfill their demand, what they want? But, it is a matter of sorrow that most of the bloggers make this mistake. You can see the blog where you want to submit your post. try to read the comments. If you found something interesting or someone is not understanding the post, then take a chance there. Start writing on this topic. I think, this will also help you to grow more.

Lisa April 30, 2013

Guest blogging is a GREAT way to build a blog’s brand and to establish authority in the niche. But it has to be done very carefully or else the whole point will be ruined.

Thanks for the nice tips John! Reading the guidelines is always the right way to go.

Shiva Chettri April 30, 2013

Hey there John, Some really good tips for a guest blogging beginner for me. Guest Blogging has become a really important step for SEO after the recent Google updates and for a beginner in guest blogging like me, it is not quite not easy to get along with the flow. Reading your tips surely helped me to get the basic idea on how to guest blog properly.

Joanna April 30, 2013

Thank for posting! I will definitely consider these advices.

Chris April 30, 2013

There are some great tips here. Something to keep in mind when contacting blog owners is to set deadlines. Don’t be afraid of them – you’re offering them a gift and leverage for their site! Tell them that you have a post and need to get it up within the next 2 weeks (or some reasonable amount of time – many sites already have scheduled out 2 weeks in advance). This way, you’re not left hanging for a long period of time. If they say they’re going to post it and then they leave you hanging with your emails, feel free to shout out a tweet to them saying something to the effect of @guestpostsharks emailed you, and wasn’t sure if you got it. Wanted to see if you still wanted my post? #psiloveyou. Okay, lose the hash tag. This puts pressure on them to openly discuss with you.

Sam April 30, 2013

As someone who’s just getting started in the guest blog field — Thank you. My biggest issue has been getting authors to at least respond to the posts I send them. Any good tips John?

wajid khan May 1, 2013

Hi John,
Thanks for sharing this very useful information, i have one more tip for the bloggers who will write first guest post, that is “Be visual” for that they need to Include an image in your guest post. Creative commons and Flickr are great places to find free images – just be sure to include proper attribution. Looking for something truly unique that will make a big visual impression on readers? Consider purchasing a low-cost ($2) stock image off a site like Depending on your Photoshop expertise, for less than $5 you can create a custom image that will make a powerful visual impression.
From , Wajid Khan

krishna May 1, 2013

yes absolutely you are right…

Sudipto May 1, 2013

Hey John,
Nice post and Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. Yes, guest posting is the best way to promote our blog and it helps in getting high quality links with other blogs. Yes, we have to write guest post only for those having same niche and also we have study the blog completely.

Neil May 1, 2013

Thanks for the article. I have been thinking about writing guest blogs, this post will def help!

Minh Vu May 2, 2013

Thanks for sharing. I’m planning to do some guest blogs and this article came across. It’s very informative.

Mahendra May 3, 2013

Hello John
Guest posting is great idea for getting you noticed along the whole blogosphere.All the tips you mentioned are really too informative and helpful.I will go for a guest post soon.Thanks for the tips .

rajuser May 4, 2013

sir i am blogger beginner i want get certain good information from this article to promote my website .is there any tools to analysis a website.kindly help me in this regard.

Pramod May 4, 2013

Hello John,
You have did a great job. First of all i want say thanks for that Post.I have my own blog.
I am always commenting to improve back-link . I will try guest blogging. I hope it will help me to improve number of links. Thanks for sharing this Post.

Asif May 4, 2013

Good post, but have some difference in my strategy in some point. But overall very resourceful. keep it up!

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