Why You Need to Hire a Professional Content Writer

By Rob Starr | Blogging

Apr 28

By virtue of the fact that you can sit in the comfort of your own home, get all the tools you need to start a business, and basically run a big part of it from there, some people think they can handle every aspect of their online business. That’s not entirely the whole story. What was once a cottage industry surrounding Internet marketing has become an industry onto itself and one of the core services you really can’t do without is good content writing.

Here’s why.

Content writers save time and money in the long run. If you’ve got an online business, you already know there’s not enough time to keep up with everything that needs to be done and that includes the never ending fresh content requirements. Hiring someone to write blogs, press releases and web copy will allow business owners to look after other things.

These experts provide a fresh perspective. You’ve put the company together and know everything there is to know about it. Day and night for weeks, months and maybe even years, you’ve lived your online enterprise. Hiring a content writer will give you a new perspective on your business. They should even be able to suggest new advertising angles that you might not have seen before and supply you with fresh content that will attract the search engines bots so you’ll get a steady stream of new traffic.

These people make it their business to know what Google wants. Make no mistake, the SEO landscape is constantly changing and knowing what’s required to get ahead and which techniques are better left alone can be like hitting a moving target. Not only do content writers supply professionally crafted words and phrases for your website, another part of their job is to stay on top what SEO tools work and implement them for you.

Convinced? Now you need to remember that some content writers are better than others. Finding experienced ones does not necessarily mean going with the ones that work for cheap. Doing some quick interviews and asking for references will get the best results.  At the other end of the spectrum, keep in mind the content writers that charge exorbitant rates are suspect as well.

The Real McCoy will negotiate a decent rate that you can both live with and have a decent turnaround time.





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Jay Yadav April 28, 2013

Thanks Robb for sharing such a content I am really inspired by your post and surely going to hire one.

Hadley April 29, 2013

Unless content writing is your speciality then I agree with you that you do need to hire a pro writer. However if you’re going to make the investment be sure it’s a good one. It’s no use going on the cheap as I’ve found you really do get what you pay for in terms of quality content.

However if you are a capable writer yourself it’s worth considering doing it all yourself as you’ll know exactly what you want and that it’s totally original content.

Ramya April 29, 2013

Always go for paid and quality writers as unprofessional writers works will be more of black hat and rulledout by Google

Clair April 29, 2013

Hi Rob! I agree with you, Professional content writer is very important. Because there are no alternatives than quality. Thanks for sharing a cool article.

Chris April 30, 2013

I’m a little biased since it’s my business to be a blog writer but I couldn’t agree more. I run into so many businesses that just aren’t making the most of their blog. When hiring a processional blog writer could same them time, money and ensure their posts are search engine friendly… it just makes sense.

shane watson April 30, 2013

Thanks for sharing really an interesting writeup on Content as google now a days only appreciate the content which is unique and real

santosh April 30, 2013

experts are proceed us to the aim but in my point we have to do things ourselves, then we can success other wise whole process is temporary.
thanks :-)

Taxation books April 30, 2013

Fantastic post! Really love the mindset here and I can’t say it’s anything i ever thought of before.
Great tips you gave here in your article!

yogesh pant April 30, 2013

yes Rob, you are quite right in having the perspective that hiring a professional content writer for your blog is going to help ou by earning more traffic. But, in this regard, I do have a slight change of view. I strictly advice to write the content by yourself for your blog as it needs a lot of research and if you research it by yourself, you are going to have a sound knowledge about your niche and thus shall be able to maintain a good relationship with your readers in case of any query they raise!

I am not totally agree with this blog post. The reason behind this is every person can’t be a content writer professional. Every person have different expertise in different field.

Sunday April 30, 2013

Unless a blogger or webmaster is from another planet, he should know that hiring a professional content writer is as important to his business as water is to the quenching of thirst.

Having said that, the key to getting the best from these professionals is to take time and research for the best among the lot.

Luckily, checking out their portfolios and reading testimonials about them from other clients can make the choosing process easier for you.

Professional content writers should hired to save time, cost, and disaster in online business!

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Sunday – kingged.com contributor


Dan | Buy and Sell April 30, 2013

I agree that there is a need for a Content Writer, but the problem with that is where do you stop? I think that once you start doing well is when you can afford one.

Joanna May 1, 2013

Thank you for that note. content is the king 😉

Mahendra May 3, 2013

Hello Rob this is a great idea that one should hire a professional content writer.I will think for hiring a writer for me also. Thanks for this nice post.

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