6 Virtual Assistant Services for Bloggers and Freelancers

Virtual Assistant Services for Bloggers and Freelancers

If you’re a full-time freelance writer or blogger, or even part-time, then you know how hectic things can get it. At first you may start out with just a few daily tasks, but after a few months things get much busier. Before you know it, you’re wishing that there were more hours in the day and you’re bombarded with emails, guest posts, and writing jobs – at least that’s how it is for me.

Because of this, you may consider hiring a personal assistant. However, hiring a personal assistant can be costly and more than likely will require some training. That’s where Virtual Assistants come into play; they’re a more ideal choice for busy bloggers and freelancers. Virtual Assistants can help to greatly boost your productivity. You can delegate small tasks to them, while you focus on bigger, more important tasks.

The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

  • They work from their own office, thus saving you money and resources.
  • You won’t have to worry about employee-related taxes, insurance or other benefits.
  • They’re already experienced in the tasks you need done – no training required.
  • Work can often be done outside of normal business hours; great if you work irregular hours.

We’ve already outlined the types of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can perform for you, but what about actual Virtual Assistant Services? This list will outline six great virtual assistant services that are great for both bloggers and freelancers.


TaskBullet is a USA-owned company with offices in both the United States (Utah) and the Philippines. They offer top quality customer service and dedicated Virtual Assistants at  affordable rates. If you’re unsure of the plan that’s best for you, you can chat with them live to see which one is the best fit for your needs. Your Virtual Assistant will send you daily check-ins (when they start) and check-outs (when they stop), along with reports so that you know exactly what’s being done and when they’re working.

TaskBullet Virtual Assistant Service

Services include: Transcription, Marketing, Accounting, Internet Research, Social Media, Data Entry, Article Writing, Craigslist Ad Posting.

Pricing: Starting at $495/month; 7-day money back guarantee.


AskSunday provides Dedicated Assistants (DAs) that are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. DAs are available via email, IM, and phone. You will have both a primary and secondary DA assigned to you. If your primary DA is unavailable, your secondary DA will be able to pick up where they left off; this is because they’re provided training on your tasks as soon as you sign up with AskSunday.

AskSunday Virtual Assistant Service

Services include: Data Entry, Internet Research, Social Media Management, Document Editing, Managing Online Postings, Email Correspondence.

Pricing: Starting at $119/month; free 3-hour trial available.

Eco-Office Gals

Eco-Office Gals is a Virtual Assistant service that provides Eco-friendly office alternatives. If you’re into green living or have already gone green, this is the perfect service for you. Jennifer, the owner of the service, has over 10 years of real-world administrative experience. The Eco-Office Gals blog also provides useful information about sites and products that are safe for the environment.

Eco-Office Gals Virtual Assistant Service

Services include: WordPress Design, WordPress Maintenance, Social Media, Graphic Design, E-Media, Green Web Hosting.

Pricing: Standard hourly rate $50/hour; standard retainer rate for 10+ hours per month $40/hour.


eaHELP is a national firm that services clients globally. eaHELP is all about building relationships with their clients. Your Virtual Assistant will be available via phone, email, text, VM, and Skype. Before you get started, you’ll have a detailed conversation with them (via telephone) about what you’re looking for. Once started, they’ll check-in with you regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

eaHELP Virtual Assistant Service

Services include: Calendar/Schedule Management, Email Management, Social Media Administration, Project Management, Research Assistance, Editing and Proofreading.

Pricing: You must contact them for a proposal.

Tasks Done Daily

Tasks Done Daily is a small team of highly-skilled Virtual Assistants that can help to alleviate your workload. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Because their team is small, they only accept a certain number of clients at at time, thus ensuring high-quality work and ample attention for your projects. They stand behind their work 100%.

Tasks Done Daily Virtual Assistant Service

Services include: Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Ghost Writing, Internet Research, WordPress, Email Monitoring, Proofreading and Editing.

Pricing: Starting at $20/hour; VIP priority packages are available.

Sky McLain

Sky McLain is a savvy Virtual Assistant who caters to extra busy bloggers and independent businesses; she promises to be your new best friend. Even though she’s a one-woman show, she offers top-notch services like: editing and formatting blog posts, managing guest bloggers, gathering information, newsletter creation, and more. She prefers initial contact via email, and then phone and text once a relationship is established.

Sky Mclain Virtual Assistant Service

Services include: Blog Management, PR and Ad Management, Product Launch Management, Pinterest Pinning, Giveaway Management, SEO, Email Management.

Pricing: Starting at $30 for 2 hours (mini packages); regular packages start at $60 for 4 hours.

Over to You

Are you currently using a Virtual Assistant to help you with various blogging or freelance writing tasks? If so, what service are you using and would you recommend them to other bloggers?

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