4 CTA (Call-to-Action) Tips for Your Business Blog

On a business blog, you always want more conversion or sales. There are plenty of ways that you can use to optimize your CTAs or call-to-actions for better results. To get the most out of your efforts, you should also keep on experimenting with different versions of your CTAs. But remember CTAs are not just in the form of buttons on the homepage, as you might know.

CTAs work quite well within blog posts as well.

If you are ready, given below are four important tips to make the most impact with your CTAs in blog posts.

#1. Don’t Ignore Older Posts
If you have a business blog that’s a couple of years old, the blog posts on it must also have grown older. This is where most of the business bloggers start to ignore blog posts that have become older. Rather than ignoring these aged blog posts, use them once again to increase the rate of conversion.

How will you achieve that?

Find out which ones among your older posts rank really well or receive a good amount of traffic. Once identified, you can update the content in those posts with your current offers or CTAs.

This is a good tactic to increase conversions (or sales).

#2. Turn CTAs into Internal Links
If you think CTAs are always in the form of prominent colorful buttons, you need to think again. Within your blog posts, you can use your call-to-actions as internal links. Today’s readers are hungry for more information, so they don’t mind following the links that are placed within blog posts.

You can use this hunger of your readers to promote your CTAs. Just make sure you place them strategically (either at the beginning of the posts or towards the bottom of the post) to get better results.

#3. Focus on Relevance
When inserting CTAs into your blog posts, this is of utmost importance. There are many business bloggers who’ll fail to make a hit only because they put irrelevant CTAs into their blog posts. Look at the topic of the blog post or the content and then choose those CTAs that are most relevant. Relevance will encourage readers to click the links more quickly, thereby increasing conversions.

#4. Keep Testing
If there’s one thing that you can never forget about CTAs, it’s testing. In fact, you should test continuously. Depending on the current behavior of your prospects or the current rate of conversion, you should do some split-testing with your CTAs creating and using its different versions.

Even when you place CTAs within blog posts on your business blog, you have several elements to test. You can do some testing with different colors of the call-to-actions and see what happens. Likewise, you can also place those CTAs in different locations to find out what works best.

If you are a business blogger, you should use your blog posts to your business benefits effectively. Your blog posts are a great place to place the CTAs. So, get ready to make the most of this content.

Do you have more tips? The comment section is all yours.

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