Alternatives to Google Reader

Many people are disappointed by the shut down of Google reader, however, it is not the end of the world for people who use it. There are several alternatives to the popular Google reader that can be used to perform the same functions. Each alternative offers something different to choose from, leaving Google Reader users the opportunity to find a reader that is perfect for them.

1. Feedly

Feedly is one of the most popular alternatives to Google Reader. Feedly has many popular features that have it rated a close second to Google Reader. Some of the features included on Feedly include: Flipboard, keyboard shortcuts, tags, and a free mobile app of the program. Many people enjoy the RSS features of Feedly and enjoy that they can use the program through their mobile devices. Feedly offers the opportunity to divide your feeds into different folders and allow you to select different views of each folder.

2. Newsblur

Newsblur is another alternative to Google Reader. Newsblur is high speed and updates regularly. This reader is perfect for people who enjoy reading the news. Newsblur allows you to organize folders inside of other folders giving you the freedom to arrange your feeds anyway you please. Newsblur also gives you the opportunity to change the way you view the different stories. Readers have the chance to view stories in their original content.

3. The Old Reader

The Old Reader is a perfect Google Reader alternative for people who prefer simplistic sites. The Old Reader is very basic and allows you to store and share your feeds with others. Though there is no mobile app to use the reader on the go, many people who don’t use apps may benefit from The Old Reader.

4. Pulse

Pulse is one of the most up to date alternatives to Google Reader. The interface is enjoyable and it gives all the favorite RSS features available. Pulse allows you to arrange your feeds into different folders and also allows you to share your feeds across different social networking sites. Pulse also syncs your feeds across your mobile devices, giving you the ability to find your feed simply and read them wherever you may go.

Many people were worried by the closing of Google Reader considering the program was backed by one of the Internets largest corporations. Many people may fear using programs they are not familiar with, but with the closing of Google Reader have no other choice.

The above alternatives are all safe and easy to use. Each program offers its own features to meet the RSS needs of different users. You will still have the opportunity to store, organize, and share your feeds the way you could through Google Reader. Some of the programs even offer the convenience of mobile applications so you can watch your feeds from all of your mobile devices. The closing of Google Reader is not devastating; it is an opportunity.

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