Want to Know How to Create Links in WordPress Effectively?

We all know how to create links in WordPress blogs. Every blogger needs to know how to make a text link because this points readers to any website we want. It’s very easy to do. WordPress’ interface makes it really quick to do. You just need to highlight the text you want to create a link to and then click the Insert/Edit Link icon–the one that looks like a chain.

But do you really know how to create links in WordPress the right way?

create links in wordpressCreating links isn’t that simple. There are guidelines and strategies you need to follow to create links the right way. You must not randomly hyperlink (a technical term to create a link) a phrase or even sentence. It’s going to make your blog post look bad. Plus, it’ll reflect negatively on you as a blogger.

Before we talk about the proper ways to create links in WordPress, let’s discuss why we make them.

To prove that what we’re talking about is accurate. Blogs can be very subjective and it’s easy to make a claim about any topic. If you’re making assumptions or conclusions, it’s prudent to back them up with credible data by linking to an authority website where you got the information. Blog readers are smart. They’ll want to know if you’re writing truthfully and links to authority sources will tell them that.

You can opt to not link to any source, but it may push your readers to question what you’ve written.

To suggest another great read. A lot of times, we write when we’re inspired by something we read. It could be an article, news, or even a tweet that had such an impact on us our creative juices went on overdrive. Linking to that piece of information is a good way to set the mood for your blog. Readers would like a little anecdote from time to time.

To leverage on someone’s success. If you’re relatively new and would like to get more exposure, linking to a popular blog is beneficial. Link to one post that you enjoyed and, if you wrote an excellent post, the blog owner may link back to you, driving tons of traffic to your blog.

To create relationships with other bloggers. Connecting with others is important and advantageous. Linking to another blog is the online equivalent of knocking on a new neighbor’s house with a tray of muffins. Do it regularly and you’ll soon have enough connections to help increase your blog’s exposure.

To share something funny, entertaining, and interesting. Sometimes we just stumble upon something we’d like our readers to see, so we link to that. It may not have a direct benefit, but it’s cool and fun.

Create links in WordPress properly with these in mind…

Link has to be an authority website. You’ll benefit more from an authority site. It shows that your data are accurate and you only want to give your readers relevant websites. Aside from that, if that site links back to you, the quality of traffic and back links you’ll get will boost your site’s rankings.

Hyperlink a keyword or key phrase. It’s better to hyperlink a word or phrase than a whole sentence or, worse, an entire paragraph due to the simple reason that it doesn’t look good. If I were reading something that has an entire paragraph or sentence hyperlinked, I’d be annoyed.

Set the link to open to a new tab or window. When you link to something, expect a few of your readers to click on that. But remember that you want them to still go back to your post. Most links open in the same window and it’s possible that readers don’t click the Back button to go back to what they’re initially reading. To ensure they finish your post and don’t permanently leave, set the links to open to another tab or window.

Remember to link to one of your pages or posts. This is good for your blog’s SEO. This will also help you promote posts you think deserve more attention; it’s a good way to promote your blog. If you’re helping other sites get exposure, there’s no reason to not do it for your own.

How about you? Do you know how to create links in WordPress the right way? Share some tips that have worked for you.


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