Several Ways To Pick A Blog Topic

As soon as you start blogging, you’ll soon realize it’s sink or swim. The Internet is insatiable and you need to keep feeding it fresh content or your blog will disappear like a grain of sand buried on a beach. The idea is to set up a few different systems so you can keep writing compelling copy. Of course being able to write well is job one, but you need to have a never ending supply of  fresh topics to keep things moving forward.

Here’s a few techniques that you can use.

1.  Write about the things that matter to you.  As with fiction, you need to feel passionately about the topic that you’re taking on. Being enthused makes for text that attracts readers.

2. Use the available technology.  Google alerts is a quick and easy way to have all the latest information on a variety of topics sent right to your inbox. All you need to do is set up the alert and wait for email notifications. This saves time on searching the web and frees you up to do other things when you’re in business.

3. Read the competition. There’s always other bloggers writing on the same subjects and ideas can be reworked in your own words. Looking at any topic from another perspective is a great way  to refresh your ideas and get started on a new track that will bring you new readers.

4. Be current whenever possible. Subjects that people are talking about make for great blog content. Getting a tab at the top of your toolbar that allows you to look at the latest headlines is a great thought starter. Remember if you’re combining seo with any other efforts to get you blog great exposure, staying current means that keywords you pick will more than likely have some good punch behind them.

5. Be flexible. Finally, you need to be ready to try a few different combinations before you find the one that works best for you and that will be different for each topic you research. Chances are you’ll need to change pieces of the puzzle around even after you’ve found something that fits. Tinkering is a great way to find a good technique for picking blog topics, but you’ll find the pieces don’t stay in place for too long and there’s always a better method coming along almost daily.

The idea is to reduce stress and having a a few techniques that will help you to find a never ending supply of blog topics will lower the anxiety level.







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