Steps to A Successful First Guest Post

You should know by now that guest posting is great for driving traffic to your new blog. The exposure your blog can get from a guest post is incredible, especially if you’ve scored a post in a really popular blog.

It’s not difficult to increase blog traffic with the help of a guest post as long as you do it right. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before. Below are the steps to score your first guest post and get a lot of exposure for your new blog.

Ensure that your blog has enough quality content

Don’t waste the back links you’ll get from guest posts by having a blog whose content sucks. Never attempt to pitch a post when your blog doesn’t have stellar or, at the very least, useful and entertaining, content because the blog owner won’t grant your request and readers will never check your site again.

You only have a small window of opportunity to impress new visitors. If your blog doesn’t appeal to them because you don’t have something good to offer, they’ll go to the next blog.

Remember also that authority blogs value their reputation and their readers. That’s why they carefully select contributors for their blogs. You have to prove that you write excellently and your blog posts reflect that.

Create a list of possible blogs to guest post on

It’s easy to Google blogs that accepts guest posts. Just go to Google blogs and type your niche in the search box. You’ll then be given a list of the different blogs to contact. Look for links that says they accept guest posts. That should be very easy to find since most authority blogs have it in their menu navigation.

Narrow down your list

Make sure to check each blog on your list to determine the best blogs to post on. Don’t be too excited with the first blog you see and immediately send a pitch. You have to check first if it has enough readers and a good Page Rank.

Furthermore, see how it ranks for a particular keyword. You won’t benefit much from a blog that has a PR 0 and small followers because it generally means that blog can’t give you the traffic you need. And if it’s not on the first 5 pages of Google’s SERP, it’ll be in your best interest to move on. Also, blogs that have active comments are good to include in your list because that means your guest post will be read and can ignite discussions, which is good for your exposure.

Don’t pitch just yet

Once you have a final list of potential blogs to guest post on, spend some time getting to know each blog. Regularly visit them and read the posts. Leave some comments and establish some sort of relationship with the other readers.

You need to do this because it’ll help the blog owner become familiar with you. Being an active reader/commenter will definitely not go unnoticed so by the time you email your pitch, you’ll have a clear idea of the kind of posts the blog has and the owner will know who you are, thereby increasing the chances of approval.

Craft your pitch well

Each blog has a distinct style so make sure that you’re familiar with each blog on your list. When you compose your pitch, be friendly, establish your expertise on the topic, and make sure that the blog owner will recognize you. For example, say that you’re impressed by a specific post and that you’ve commented on some posts.

More importantly, come up with a really good suggestion for a guest post, something that hasn’t been written about. This is why it’s important to get to know the blog first.

Be patient

Don’t expect to get a response immediately. Blog owners are busy and may not get to your pitch right away. Don’t assume that you’ve been rejected when you don’t get a response within a week. And even if your pitch gets turned down, the blog owner will definitely let you know.

While waiting, why not work on improving your blog? Write some more great posts. Interact with other bloggers in forums and comments. These should also drive traffic to your new blog.

When to write your guest post?

Normally, you’d wait for the blog owner’s approval before you start drafting the post. But if you want to maximize your time, complete the draft before you pitch to blogs. That way, even if you get rejected, you can still use it on your blog or for another blog.

When your guest post is published

First thing to do is shoot the blog owner a Thank You email. Then help promote the post. Write about it on your blog and share it on your social networks. Be prompt in responding to comments on your post.

Your first guest post will be memorable; it’s like a rite of passage. That’ll let everyone know that you’re in the business and could pave the way for other professionals and readers to know who you are. Guest posting is highly recommended for increasing exposure for blogs, so don’t hesitate to include it in your marketing plans.

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