4 Quick Video Blogging Tips

Everyone likes videos and everyone likes quick tips… so when we combine them, we get this quick video blogging tips post!

In all honesty, video is huge and it’s crucial for all aspects of online business and blogging. Not everyone likes to read thousand word blog posts and sometime a short video can quickly provide more detail than a 500 word post. Even more important is that video goes viral and once you create it, new people will be watching it all the time.

Video Blog Tips & Crazy YouTube Stats

Before we get started with some quick video blog tips, let’s first show some crazy stats from Youtube and how many videos are being watched online.

  • 800+ million monthly unique visitors
  • 72+ hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 1 million partner program members
  • #2 search engine (bigger than aol, yahoo, bing combined!
  • 4 billion hours of video viewed every month

If those numbers aren’t enough to get you excited, I’m not sure what will!

Quick Video Blogging Tips You Must Implement

The hardest part about doing video is actually getting yourself started. You no longer need a great camera and fancy equipment. Most iPhones and mobile devices are better than you average camera now a days and many of them have one click upload to YouTube which makes the process extremely easy.

Now for some quick tips to make your videos work better for you.

Videos on Landing Pages

If you’ve ever done anything in the world of online marketing, you will already know how important videos are for landing pages and getting people to take action. The majority of the top products and offers on clickbank.com are using video to drive a massive amount of leads and new customers through their sites, and you should too!

ShoeInMoney System

Getting an Intro Video Made

An excellent way to brand your videos is to have a quick intro at the beginning. Nothing too long that it becomes annoying for the viewer if they are to watch multiple videos of yours. Something short that shows your logo and delivers a message. My friend Kevin did a great write up on places where you can get custom video intros designs.

Include You in Your Videos

I started making my own videos earlier this year and plan to get into it more, but I wanted to make sure I was able to connect with my audience and not just show them a power point presentation or screenshots of different sites. Instead I included a video within the video of myself talking. This not only allows the person to better relate with your video and content, but it also helps grow your brand and awareness of who you are.

Creating an End Call to the Action

One of the best tips that you will need to take action on is to put an “call to action” at the end of your video. This can be something you can click on, a url to display or telling your audience to do something or ask them a question. No matter what you do, don’t end your video with nothing. You have the viewer engaged and they are already waiting to take action and move on from your video. Tell them what to do next!

Video Blogging Tips

Using These Video Blogging Tips, How Can You Improve Your Site?

There you have it… four quick video blogging tips!

The funny thing is that many people will already know about these tips and realize they work, but for some reason they will never take the time to implement them or actually get started with incorporating videos into their blogs. Hopefully you will explore the world of video and see how it can improve your online business and blogging exposure!

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