Display Advertising Done Right with Bonadza Network

There are many different types of advertising available on the Internet. While the CPA affiliate model is definitely gaining in popularity these days, the traditional CPM model still holds a lot of credence from a branding perspective. Even if the site visitor doesn’t click on the ad, even if the site visitor never completes a transaction, there is a lot of value in simply getting your brand out in front of the right eyeballs.

Specializing in this type of advertising is a network called Bonadza, which boasts that it offers “display advertising done the right way.” It’s not about simply throwing up the banner on a wide range of random websites in hopes of getting some sort of return; instead, advertisers are offered great conversion tracking, super precise targeting, and access to websites in over 190 countries around the world.

The Sophisticated Media Buying Platform

If you were to look at the traditional CPM advertising model, it was typically true that you’d set your bid for a certain CPM and maybe you’d get to pick a particular category or keyword. Bonadza aims to go beyond that.


According to the official features page, Bonadza aims to provide a “feature-rich self serving advertising network” that has a “unique easy-to-use interface.” It’s meant to be approachable by novices, while still providing “extensive functionality and reporting” for the more seasoned veterans of Internet advertising.

One of the key features is something called Real Time Bidding Technology (RTB). Instead of serving up the traffic in bulk, Bonadza analyzes each impression individually. This ensures the quality of the impressions is kept high and it addresses your particular targeting needs as an advertising.

The Campaign Building Experience

The best way to understand Bonadza is do a quick walkthrough of the ad creation experience. After signing up for an account and funding it, you gain access to the main advertiser dashboard. From there, one of the main options from the navigation menu is to create a new campaign.

When a campaign is created, you’ll be able to view the impressions, clicks, average CPM, money spent, conversion percentage, and other metrics. For each of the campaigns, you can define the name, the start and end dates, and the budget expressed either in daily or overall form. Within each campaign, you can then create any number of AdGroups.


Again, you can name your AdGroup and set the daily budget. It is also possible to cap the number of impressions each day, but perhaps more importantly, there is a fantastic geotargeting tool. You can pick whole countries or you can narrow it down to individual states. Simply start typing in that field and it’ll bring up the possible options. Depending on what you want to do, you can also target your ad based on browser and OS.


After that, you move on the next tab in the ad creation process to setup your placements. This starts with setting your CPM bid. This defaults at $1.00, but you can increase or decrease it accordingly. The available placements are initially shown with all the categories, but you can narrow it down by looking through the 20 or so available categories. These include Technology & Computing, Education, Real Estate, Pets and Religion, among others.

From there, you can see the different domains in the Bonadza network that have available placements. The domains are not clickable, so you will need to copy-paste if you want to see how these sites look. You do see the number of daily impressions, though. Add the domains to your list of selected placements.

The final step involves naming the ad, setting the destination URL and uploading the creatives. Bonadza currently accepts six banner sizes: 120×600, 160×600, 300×250, 728×90, 700×500, and 300×600.

Highly Targeted Advertising Opportunity

If you are an advertiser looking for a robust platform where you can serve your display advertising with a high level of targeting and a worldwide reach, Bonadza is worth considering. There are several properties in the network that have seven digit daily impressions, so you are definitely able to get your banner in front of a lot of people from a range of websites and niches.


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