What You Should Do When No One Reads Your Blog Post?

A successful blog needs audience, loyal readers and enthusiastic fans. With an enormous deal of existing blogs on the net, it is quite a competition to grab the attention of the readers and have them stay on the blog. For how good is a blog when no one is reading it? Blogging success is not about the next post, but about all the posts. What should a blogger do if no one is reading his post?What You Should Do When No One Reads Your Blog Post?


Figure Out the Reason

First, figure out the reason why your blog is not being read. There are a lot of reasons why people do not read your blog. Maybe the design of the entire blog is ugly, or it is not being optimized for search engines.  If you know what to talk about, your post is worth reading on. Your blog would not have good readership if it has the following characteristics: posts are not original, insightful, interesting and helpful; ignore the readers and their comments; do not have keyword strategy, has poor writing and irregular posting.

When your blog is boring, then people shall not come back. The blog becomes boring if it has nothing interesting to read. Or if it contains too much advertising such as banners, people would leave right away for they shall think you are trying to sell something to them. This is especially true with corporate blogs.


Find Ways to Gain Attention

One of the most effective ways to gain readers’ attention is regular updates on the blog. Informative posts which can change the readers after reading them are effective draws.  The blog should contain at least two detailed posts twice a month. Detailed articles are very useful and interesting. If posting comes regularly on a consistent schedule, readers would anticipate them and shall keep on coming to your blog.

Get your readers thinking and ensure that you capture their emotions. Give your blog some spice by putting on pictures, visual presentations or some videos. Do not bore your readers. Oblige yourself to entertain them.


Create an Attractive Blog Design

If your blog design is ugly, have a makeover so it would look appealing. Do not clutter. Remove the useless widgets. Go for less flashy and simple colors. Make the arrangement and outline attractive and cool. Also trim the ads and be relevant always.

Create an attractive blog design so that for those who just landed on your blog, the blog itself shall give an impression that it is a top notch blog. The reader would check it further. Blog designs can be more attractive and appealing when you invest some resources to buy blog themes that are friendly to the search engines. It will drive traffic to your blog. Colors should not be too glaring and must be cool to the eyes, instead of tiring. When designing the blog layout, have the audience in mind. Make sure the fonts in the posts are big enough to for easy skimming of the contents.


Make Your Posts Relevant and Useful

One of the best ways to make your blog famous is when the posts are relevant and useful. You may talk about the trends, hot issues and the topics in the news. People usually love to check out on news commentaries to learn more about the issues. Remember though that to become famous is not short-term. It shall take time. Thus, have patience and wait. If you want huge readership, you shall have it, but it will take time.


Promote Your Posts

After publishing your post, you can have it mentioned on social networking such as TwitterFacebookMySpaceWAYN, etc. Share the post just like you do with other posts. As much as possible, tell everyone you know about your blog – family members, close friends, colleagues, neighbors and classmates. For all you know, they also want to help and promote your blog. You may also email the links to your friends or other bloggers especially those who are influential ones. Do not ask your readers to leave comments. Instead, request that they give feed backs on your post. Then they may also share your post if they find out that it is useful. Make the posts friendly to the search engines by applying SEO techniques.


Make Your Readers Feel Good

Give your readers much importance. They are blog visitors thus, make sure they would find helpful posts so they would stay, keep on coming back and even promote your posts. Respond to the comments of your blog visitors. If you are too busy to do that, at least prioritize on those comments that need replies. Replying on their comments or feed backs is interacting between the blogger and his reader, and this is important as it will attract other readers to give comments when they know that they have the chance to interact with you when you frequently respond to comments.

The way you write your posts should be in a friendly tone. Do not use words that are abusive. Incorporate some humors and just like a friend, make the posts sound accommodating, approachable and helpful. Transform your blog visitors into readers and the blog readers into loyal audience. This might be quite difficult and would take a little longer. First, be loyal to your readers before they can be loyal to you. Do so by delivering useful contents for free, respond to them frequently, be sincere and realistic and think of ways to make your blog shine. Create an “about page” not to brag yourself but for your readers to know. Try not to make it sound bragging though.


Learn From Blogs with Huge Readership

Study the blogs that are known to have a huge readership. Examples of these are Life HackerSocial media examinerProblogger and Quicksprout. One thing common with these blogs is that they usually produce extraordinary content consistently. They keep on being engaged with their readers and their presence can be felt with regular updates on the blogs, podcasts, guest posts and videos. The designs of these blogs also look professional and simple (which means, not confusing). The posts in these blogs have attention-grabbing titles and loading the blogs take less time.


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