The Blogging Platform with 100% Commissions

When you want to get your start with Internet marketing and having your own blog, there are a lot of pieces that need to be in place. You have to deal with registering a domain name, buying web hosting, setting up a blog, configuring plugins and all the rest. This can be incredibly time-consuming. Meanwhile, you could be spending that time actually making money instead.

And that is the fundamental idea behind the Empower Network. You may have already heard of this turn-key system. The idea is that you get a core set of products that can get you started in a matter of minutes, and then there’s a back-end offer where you can earn 100% commissions.

Empowering You to Conquer the Internet

Let’s start with the basics. The first level is called the Empower Network Blogging System.


As its name clearly indicates, this is a blogging system. You don’t have to worry about hosting or design, because your blog already comes pre-formatted and integrated with various social networks. It also ties into other systems so that you are able to get more traffic, capture those leads and hopefully help you earn a bunch of money.

The $25 monthly fee includes the hosting and capture pages, as well as a customizable WordPress-based blog where you can create whatever content you want. There are also sales videos and the ability to use your own auto-responders with the leads that you capture. From what I understand, your blog is hosted on the Empower main domain, so you tap into the existing SEO advantages that come with the built-in traffic model.

That’s the first step and it’s suitable for people who simply want a turnkey blogging solution.

Entering the Inner Circle

What if you want more? What if you want the ability to resell that same system to other hopeful online entrepreneurs and earn 100% commission? For that, you’ll need to sign up for what is called the Inner Circle.


This is an upgrade and it costs you $100 a month. For that monthly fee, you get a 45-60 minute content rich interview with a marketing expert three times a week. This helps you gain some insights into Internet marketing and how you can improve your own efforts. You get to hear directly from people who have been there, done that, and succeeded at it. The audio training is also transcribed, if you prefer to read it.

Perhaps the most important part, though, is that you gain the resell rights to the Empower Network by upgrading to the Inner Circle. You can then promote the product among your own circle and your own list to generate a passive income stream.

The third main product as part of Empower is called the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive. The video series is eleven hours long and it’s filled with training on how to maximize your profits. It talks about building up your viral marketing campaigns for free and potentially on autopilot. Remember that 100% commission? From what I can tell, that applies here as well.

Earning Quiet Fortunes from Home

Making money from blogging isn’t easy and that’s why it’s important to have whatever tools at your disposal as possible. Empower Network completely streamlines the process and it gives you the backend opportunity to earn 100% commissions to boot.


The landing page asks, “How would you like to fire your boss?” Many people want to quit their day jobs to gain the freedom of the dot com lifestyle and it’s quite possible that this is one path to do that. Check out the free video for some more information on how you can “join the millions around the world currently earning quiet fortunes from home.”

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