How To Integrate LinkedIn Into WordPress

For freelancers and business professionals who want to share their experience and skills readily with prospective clients, LinkedIn has become the online tool for success. Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn account and stored all of your experience and employment history it seems repetitive to manually copy the information elsewhere for any prospects who might not be a member of LinkedIn. It is possible to take the valuable information you store at LinkedIn, professional recommendations and endorsements, and add them to your website. Remember you are trying to market your business. If you’ve hooked them at your site, there is no reason to get them distracted by sending them off to visit your resume or portfolio on another site.

There are a handful of solutions on, but only a few continue in development. The three plugins recommended are FB LinkedIn Resume (developer Fabrizio Balliano), LinkedIn SC (developer Guillaume Viguier-Just.), and WP LinkedIn plugin (developer Claude Vaadovini).


Any one of these plugins for WordPress could prove to be the perfect solution for your needs and will help prevent any freelancer from having to recreate the wheel on their website.

FB LinkedIn Resume

FB LinkedIn Resume thinks on its feet so to speak, in that it uses HTML DOM parsing to avoid any glitches due to future HTML changes at LinkedIn. It is a hassle to keep up on all the slightest changes at any social media site so this feature should prove helpful.

Over all the plugin allows you to print out a complete profile without customizations or to extract single parts of your LinkedIn profile to display in a desired location on your blog.

LinkedIn SC

LinkedIn SC is very customizable allowing you to use a series of shortcodes as well to create the look you want on your website. If your profile is broken down into different elements, this plugin and the first one mentioned can help display only the portion of your LinkedIn display that you are interested in for a particular post or page. It appears this LinkedIn SC provides a greater variety of shortcodes giving you more options of what you want to display.

WP LinkedIn plugin

WP LinkedIn provides two shortcodes, one of which is the rotating scroller allowing users to highlight LinkedIn recommendations from their clients. This is my personal favorite because of the rotating scroller feature.

Before installing any of the above mentioned plugins to display LinkedIn on your website, verify they will work with your version of WordPress. Check out all the information pertaining to installation. There will be detailed info for any plugin at You will most likely have to pick up the shortcodes there on the Installation page or at the developer’s website (link is found on as well).

After installation, plan how to display your content and give it a whirl. Don’t be afraid to test more than one plugin while making a decision. One may perform better for you or be more aesthetically pleasing to your WordPress theme.

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