Pulse: A Visually Appealing Google Reader Alternative

Google reader which is one of the top service for bloggers like you and me to stay updated via RSS feed,  is shutting down on 1st July 2013, and it made us hunt for alternatives to Google reader. There are already many services like Feedly which seamlessly let you import your Google reader data, and many existing feed reader apps are working on a way to let users import Google reader feeds to their feed reading apps. If you are an existing Netenewswire or Feed-Demon users, you might be disappointed to know, with Google reader demise, both of these desktop based reader will also bid good bye.  Personally, I prefer desktop based feed readers for offline reading, and there are very few options for such feed readers.

Pulse which is one of my favorite feed reader, announced the launch of one click Google reader importer. Pulse is available on web, for smartphones and offers a great interface for feed readers. This newly launched Google reader importer feature could be used by an existing Pulse user or by a new user. In this quick tutorial, I will guide how you can quickly import all existing feeds from Google reader to Pulse.

How to Import Google Reader feeds to Pulse Feed reader:

The process is very simple and within few clicks, you will be able to import all existing feeds from Google reader to Pulse. If you are still looking for best alternatives to Google reader, I recommend to try Pulse, and you will not be disappointed. To get started, go to this link and click on “Get started”

Import Google Reader feeds

You need to authenticate pulse to access your Google reader data, and within seconds it will show the total number of feeds in your account, which you could import to Pulse.

Google reader alternative

If you are an existing Pulse user, you can login to your account and feed importer will add all feeds into your account. Else, you could create a new account, and enjoy all your Google reader feeds on Pulse.  Best thing about Pulse is, it gives a visually appealing reading experience. It pulls out the title and thumbnail of the first image, which will let you quickly scan the feeds. If you have an iPad or an android tablet, I recommend you to try Pulse app (Android version, iOS version, Windows 8 version), and you will not be disappointed. Here is a screenshot from their web-interface, which you can access here.

Pulse Feed reader

In coming days we will be seeing more services offering features to import Google reader feeds, and if you don’t want to lose your current subscribed feed list, I recommend you to take a backup of your Google reader data right away, before it’s too late. Do let me know, which feed reader service you are going to use to manage your feeds after Google reader demise?


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