Choose One Path And Stick To It.

You want to build an online business and you are reading every eBook and blog going, you spend your spare time watching videos showing you how to build email lists and different ways to make money online. You buy all the latest Clickbank products that come flooding into your inbox promising abundant wealth from every social media network online.

You buy PLR products hoping to sell them as your own eBooks or you upload them to file sharing sites filled with affiliate links looking to make loads of affiliate commissions. You fill a blog website with loads of duplicate PLR content intending to make thousands in advertising revenue.

In a nut shell you try anything and everything in your desperation to make money online so you can leave the day job Frustrations Working for Youand yet you are no better off than when you started. What really is happening is that you are spreading yourself so thinly that you are not building a business you are just wasting your time and creating a lot of work and desperation for yourself.

What you need to do is focus on one thing at a time and work a plan around it then focus fully on it until you get results either good or bad. Obviously I don’t mean you should carry on for 5 years if the first 6 months has shown no positive results whatsoever.

People generally try something then they learn something new and move onto that for example, let’s say you have a blog and you want to get free traffic to it so you can generate revenue from affiliate commissions or advertising revenue. You read that writing great articles and offering them to blogs and websites was a great way to get traffic, you write a few, they get accepted but they are not published at the same time, over a couple of weeks your site hasn’t had much increase in traffic.

You realise that there is a bit of work involved in writing posts and while waiting for your article to get published you hear that people are making good money and driving traffic to their sites by creating short videos and putting them on YouTube so you leave off the writing and attempt to create your own videos.

Videos often need slides and they take time to create. if your videos are going to be educational then a short video can have a lot of slides, they can be harder to make than writing an article. After you have managed to knock together one or two dodgy videos and got them uploaded to YouTube you check your traffic stats on your site and your Clickbank account and see that not a lot has changed.

Meanwhile you have found a new blog to read and the owner has a podcast series and talks about how his traffic and reputation has grown thanks to his podcasts. His reputation means he is trusted and that trust means people buy from his site through his affiliate links.

Soooooooo what do you do? You get a cheap headset and download Audacity then start recording your own podcast series, you go through the process of getting it all set up on iTunes and unleash your podcast upon the world. But guess what? No one knows you, they have never heard of you so why would they listen to your podcast over those they do know?

plr ebook profit reallyAnd so your traffic stats on your site do not change, again you have tried something but it hasn’t worked. Now you have heard of this young lad who makes a fortune selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle, so off you trot and start compiling eBooks from PLR articles and even attempt to write your own.

You get your first couple of eBooks on Kindle and then wait for the traffic and money to come in but again nothing happens, while you wait for the sales to come in, you go back and write a couple articles to share on other people’s sites, you knock out another video and after a month or two attempt to record another podcast.

You might think that you are busy creating a lot of content and building a business but in many ways you are simply ‘pissing in the wind’. You are just bumbling from one thing to another hoping for it all too eventually bring in results. You are fooling yourself; chances are none of it will amount to anything.

You need to decide what you are going to do and decide NOT to expect traffic or wealth to miraculously start flooding to you within a few weeks. Give it at least a few months and work really hard at it. Do not allow to be distracted by other new ‘shiny’ methods until you have fully tested out the method you are working on now.

If you write 2 articles a day and do that for 6 days a week for 3 months then you have 144 articles posted across the web instead of just a handful. If you made 3 videos a week for 3 months then you will have 36 videos all driving traffic back to your site. There are membership sites that do not have that amount of videos available.

I am not saying that you cannot make videos and do articles during the same time period if you can manage it but I am saying that you do not want to start one thing do a couple then move onto something else. Make a plan and focus on it, results come from the efforts you put in.

Will 5 articles have the same effect as 144 dotting across numerous different sites? No they won’t. Will 3 videos get the same results as 36 videos? Unless you have created a YouTube classic that goes viral then again the answer will be no.

The methods are often sound, they do work but many guru’s have made you believe that they should work in a matter of days with exciting statements like ‘Young Spotty Teenager Makes $1599,45 In 1 Hour Using Only One 25 Second Long Video On YouTube And Also Beds Katy Perry Because Of It!’

In reality these things take a fair bit of work and time to get results and that requires focus, discipline and intention.  So now it is up to you, chose a method you think you can do or like, look at what is involved in its execution and create a plan of attack. Schedule time to do the work and set deadlines to get things done and focus on it fully. If you want success, then you really owe it to yourself.

What do you think?

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