Never Say This – ‘I’ve Nothing to Blog About’

By Obaidul Haque | Blogging

Mar 21
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Having a company website is just the first step that you take towards building the online presence of your small business. By saying this, I want to stress upon the significance of having a small business blog. If you are a small business owner, you must understand what starting a blog can do for you. With the level of industry competition rising continuously, not having a small business blog can easily leave you far behind your adversaries.

Whether your small business is a few years old or brand new, starting a blog is something you can’t simply afford to ignore.

According to a recent study by HubSpot, a small business blog can –

Bring 55% more visitors to your company website
Generate around 97% more inbound links
Increase your company website page indexing by 434%

I’m sure you like these stats.

Small Business Blog

By attaching a blog to your small business website, you can quickly generate more traffic and more backlinks. A blog can improve the overall SE score of your company website, thereby improving the SEO. In addition, a small business blog helps you create trust among the target audience.

So, why doesn’t your website have a blog attached to it?

Since I work with several small businesses (belonging to a variety of niches), what I have come to identify is that most of them think they have little or nothing to blog about. They have a fear that they won’t be able to consistently come up with blog topics that are relevant to their audience.

This is, in fact, the biggest misconception among many small business bloggers. Recently, I got a new client that runs an e-commerce store for police shoes, military shoes, fire shoes and navy shoes among others. He didn’t want to start a blog (attached to his company website) because he thought he wouldn’t be able to come up with blog topics on a consistent basis.

I suggested him five topics just to start with –

How to Clean Your Military Boots so They Last Longer
7 Tips to Get Rid of Blisters while Wearing Police Shoes
Top 10 Military Boot Brands in the US
5 Tips to Choose Police Shoes that Suit You Best
Stylish Combat Boots – The Perfect Addition to a Casual Wardrobe

Guess what? The client was motivated. Since he already knew what starting a blog could do for the growth of his small business, he told me to start working on the blog. And, I went on to create an editorial calendar for them. I’m already working on their blog, and it will be lunched very soon.

If you are truly a niche expert, you’ll always find lots and lots of topics to write about on your business blog.

I guarantee it!

Here are some cool topic ideas to get started –

Talk about an industry problem, offer a good solution
Interview an industry expert
Share a list of useful resources
Put together a list of top books in your niche
Highlight a happy customer
Predict the upcoming trends in the industry
Announce a contest, offer rewards for readers
Tell the story of your company

These topics aren’t restricted to one specific niche, as you can see. There are lots of other blog topic ideas like these. If you were delaying your small business blog project only due to lack of topics, I hope you won’t anymore.  Just make sure you are educating, informing and entertaining the audience.

If you have any questions, doubts or concerns, please feel free to talk about it in the comment section below.

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Obaidul is a professional SEO, freelance writer, guest blogger and online marketer. Owner of, he works with a wide range of clients from all across the globe and helps them expand the online reach of their businesses. Music is like oxygen to him. He can be reached via Google+ or Twitter.

Philip March 21, 2013

Great Tips!
I love reading posts about blogging that lay it all on the line and don’t imply that it will be easy. Blogging is not easy, but the benefits can pay for themselves many, many times over. If you like what you’re writing about, though, it’s doesn’t feel like work – it feels like fun.

If we take your tip and just sit down and write a list of topics we can blog about – we won’t be as scared about running out of subjects to post about. This was one of the “hidden gems” of your post.

Thanks for the inspiration, Obaidul!

Robinsh March 22, 2013

It really sucks me when I thinks to collect the blog post topics for my blog and you are solving my problem a little bit, yes little bit because I needs to follow the steps as described by you to get the positive results.

Mahendra March 23, 2013

great post .. I fully enjoyed this post while reading .A blog is like a personal diary ,you can write about anything worth reading.Writing what you know give a awesome feeling.Nice post Obaidul .

Matt Hayden March 24, 2013

Yes, anyone with a business website who doesn’t have a blog attached to it is really missing out. It’s a great way to establish niche authority, which increases trust.

And if you have a “bricks and mortar” business you can also use it for local marketing purposes. People are using highly localized search terms a lot these days.

Say you’re a B2B company and there’s some business convention in your city. You could attend then do a write up on your blog. It would be pretty easy to rank highly for it. And think of all the highly targeted traffic such a post would bring you.

Samantha King March 25, 2013

Great list of tips! I often encourage clients to start with the FAQ’s they get in their industry. Many times they can find a rich list of potential topics just by reflecting on the questions they frequently get asked by clients and potential clients.

Karthik March 28, 2013

I believe whatever worth talking are worth blogging. Happy Blogging. Cheers :)

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