7 People You Need to Thank that You’re Blogging Today

For how long have you been blogging now?

2 days… 2 months or 2 years?

I won’t take the time you’ve been blogging into consideration. But one thing that I would like to ask you is what have you achieved?

Did you earn some money in the process?

Are you popular enough to call yourself a Blogging Superstar?

Or have you at least learned some new stuff and double your knowledge?

If you have achieved any of these above feats then I think you are worth to be called a blogger!

But have you ever wondered who took blogging to the next level?

Who turned blogging from a post random shit diary to a successful online business.

This post will highlight some of the biggest people that blogging has given birth to.

Sorry, I meant the post will highlight some of the most successful people who gave birth to Blogging!

Here come’s the list.

Instead of going with the traditional top to bottom, I am going to come from the bottom to top.


Just to make sure, you don’t close the windows until you read the post.

7. Daniel Scocco – The Daily Blogger

An idea like publishing Blogging Tips daily . Has it ever come to you ? Even though if you have the idea , when are you going to implement it .

Oops , you are too late from Daniel Scocco from Dailyblogtips did it before any one else could .

He used to travel places and then settled for a desk job . But was it what he wanted to do ?

Nope . He started online entrepreneurship .

And look at where he is now . Helping thousands of people online to Blog , the right way .

By the way , Daniel also sports an awesome body . (That is what I can see in his About Page picture )

6. Jon Morrow – The Headline Hacker

Did you ever want to quite Blogging ?

I am sure there was some point of time where you were so frustrated with not getting any traffic and comments that you wanted to Shut Your Blog down .

But you didn’t just because you read some inspirational story that gives you the Moral – Hard Work Pays off .

Let me introduce Jon Morrow who is the Associate Editor of Copyblogger Media Inc .

If you need inspiration then read his story – here .

Even after all of those disabilities , he is one of the most influential blogger out there .

By the way , have you download his e-book yet , if not then download it now – here .

5. John Chow – The Dot Com Lifestyle liver

John Chow . John Chow . John Chow.

John Chow is every where.

For his famous Blogging Course that will take you from 0 to Cloud 9 .

John has been living the Dot Com lifestyle since the beginning of the Blogging Era .

The number of places that John Chow has been featured in cannot be counted by me .

So instead of relying on my sources , go check out his – About – Page .

4. Zac Johnson – The Super Affiliate

The next time you have trouble in promoting your affiliate link you should visit Zac Johnson’s Blog .
He is the owner of this blog .
I would probably say that Zac is the most experienced Affiliate Marketer on this list .
He as experience of 15 freakin’ years in building online businesses and marketing them .
So , the next time you are comparing any one with Zac Johnson blindly remember to read his About Page first .

3. Darren Rowse – The Pro Blogger

So now comes the turn of the first ever Professional Blogger , Darren Rowse .

He started Blogging 10 years ago . (Now that’s quite a lot of time in online context )

During a time when there was almost nothing called a Blog , Darren took his chances and hit the Publish button for the first time .

Little did he know about the fortune that he had in this field .

He has authored quite a number of Best Selling E-Books as well as an awesome photographer .

To know more about Darren , see his About Page .


2. Brian Clark – The Copy Blogger (I’d rather say Copywriter + Blogger )

Brian is the highest ranked Blogger in this list .
Starting off with an investment of 1000$ , Brian never knew that this investment would turn him from a Copy Writer to one of the most successful Internet Marketers .
Brian Clark first started off with a blog but later turned his blog into an online business which now stands as Copyblogger Media .
What more , after that there was no turning back for Brian and look where he is now .
Read more about Brian – here .

1. Matt Mullenweg – The Automattic man

We have reached the end of the list .

And look who is standing tall over others .

It is none other than Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress.

One fact that has to be noted is that if Matt did not develop WordPress then most of the above people would not be where they are today .

By developing WordPress , Matt reinvented the word , Blog .

Thank him for all he has done for us.

Read more about him – here .

So , How do I thank them ?

Okay , so you know whom to thank to . But do you know , How to thank them ?

If you don’t then let me tell you.

Shoot an e-mail to them . In that e-mail tell them How they have helped you in your Blogging Career and how much you want to thank them .

If you would like to return the great favor they have done for you then you could buy one of their awesome products to make them feel happier .

One thing that I cannot guaranty is a reply from them .

You’ve read the whole post, right ? Now go Thank these guys right away .

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