How Emotions Are Killing Your Blogging Career

Blogging could be a great career for people, which not only helps in raising revenue for your sustenance but also helps you in expressing yourself. It is also a form of expressing hordes of words and sentences about your passion. However, unlike any other career, if you choose to live without a proper poise in your life, you are bound to make your emotions go uncontrolled, which could be devastating for your blogging career. Blogging is a serious business; it is not the place for negative emotions like jealousy and envy or a place to malign the images of your followers or competitor bloggers. If you are engulfed in such negative emotions then make sure you are treading the path of disaster. The name and fame, which you have gained after so much of your efforts and time, could kill your blogging career. Let’s check how negative emotions can kill your blogging career.

Negative emotions brings conflict in blogging community

Blogging EmotionsYou may find this topic a bit weird; however, if you look around the blogging community, you could find a couple of conflicts, which have actually occurred due to a number of negative emotions. As you know, there are two types of bloggers- novices and professionals. However, both types of bloggers could be the victim of negative emotions like pride, envy and selfishness. Since these things are found out in the basic nature of human being, hence bloggers of any category can be hampered by these emotions during their blogging efforts. The interest to beat everyone by being selfish could even make a professional blogger to take resort into selfishness. The emotions like envy could be seen, which actually a byproduct of selfishness is. It could further brutalize your blogging career and defame you in blogging community. Hence controlling these emotions with effective measures is important for both the kinds of bloggers.

How these emotions enter in any blogger?

If you look at the term jealousy, it is there in the emotions of human being and so in the bloggers. It refers to several negative feelings, which include fear, anxiety and nervousness about the anticipated loss regarding anything and a couple of uncertainties that are specifically referred to human connection. The feeling of envy also comprises of several negative emotions including bitterness, anger, feebleness, hatred and inadequacy. Frankly speaking, everyone including the bloggers or writers has some amounts of jealousy factor in them, which remains in the corner of their hearts. There is certainly no point in envying others regarding their success, however, it could be a bitter truth that others are successful and you are not, which has to be accepted calmly unlike the positive minded people. The factor of jealousy always brings out unhappiness and can bury the blogger into the sand of defame, bitterness and arrogance. Wasting your time in such things is certainly not among the norms of a professional bloggers, since for something you could be ahead, and others you may be lagging behind.

Negative emotions bring in negativity

Controlling such emotions is always recommended the moment the bloggers find themselves into such things. This could lead to negative thoughts, which can wreck havoc time and again in your blogging career making things from bad to worse. One of this negative thought is the failure phobia. You as a blogger may get the fear to fail in your blogging career, which can simply put a full stop before trying some creative experiments inside your blog. The other negative thing, which you could start witnessing in yourself, is lacking the self confidence. The self confidence is important for bloggers to keep trying something interesting and remain active over their blogs with new ideas and notions. However, with negative feelings and emotions, you lack the faith in your potentials and capabilities. If you are looking out for a success, you need to keep on trying something new in your blog. No other bloggers would share the secret of their success with anyone; hence you are supposed to create your own, which only comes when you start experimenting with new ideas coming in your mind or through your research. As a blogger, if you live with negative feelings, these would reflect in your blog posts as well, which will malign your image in the blogging community. Hence by replacing your negative feelings with the positive ones could give you the success in your blogging career.

Final word

There is no two thought that negative emotions could hamper your blogging career to a great extent. But when you see these things dominating you, take time to sit and jot down all these issues to work out a tangible escape route to these problems. This could be a time consuming experience, but don’t worry, take your time and get rid of these issues so that your blogging career is not hampered.

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