How You Can Make Google Bots to Crawl and Index Web Pages Faster

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Mar 18

Starting a new Blog? The main problem for most of the new blogs is Google will not index their pages easily. Google not indexing your pages means you are not getting any traffic. No traffic means no business.

So what’s the best way to quickly find yourself indexed in the search results? Is the answer through paid search engine services?

There are lots of services available online who will make your website get indexed in search engines but I never suggest Paid services as it is wasting money and you will not be able to know they are using loyal methods, sometimes it makes your blog or business to get banned by Google, so never go for it. You can easily Index your web-pages by search engines with less efforts by following these simple tips.

Google bot crawls every website to gather information, but preference will be there for high page rank websites only. For new blogs the page rank will be at zero. So there are fewer chances that Google bot come and search and collect your pages. It’s your duty to make Google bot to crawl your site.

Sitemap Submission

Getting Listed in GoogleSitemap is the collection of all your web-pages of your blog, it is generally an XML document, hosted on your web server. No XML knowledge needed to create and submit these sitemaps. For wordpress lots of plugins offering instant XML sitemap generation service, Google XML sitemap is one such solution for sitemap submission.

There is one more step left, submission of sitemaps. You can make use of Google, Bing or Yahoo webmaster tools to submit these sitemaps. Register there and enter your sitemap URL and submit site map to search engines.

Attracta Free SEO Tool

I prefer attracta for various reasons, it create and submit sitemaps, checks google submission and SEO scores of the webpages. Though it is not completely reliable try it as it is a free service.

Use Free URL submission services

You can go for manual URL submission It is time consuming, as you need to submit one by one. Try to submit URLs of your top posts, which can bring you good reputation, literally not possible to submit all website pages by this way.

Create and Update Social Networking Pages

This not a new technique, share posts on social networking sites and adding your blog pages to social networking profiles will increase SERP rankings. Dare to think beyond Facebook and twitter, try other new sites like delicious and quora.

Try Adding Fresh and Quality Content

Google and Alexa like fresh and quality content, adding content regularly is more beneficial. Content creation is not easy, so what new bloggers can Do? adding the old content with minor changes to it. But never try to Spam the Search Engines.

Submit to Blog Directories and Bookmarking Sites

Start submitting your blog to various blog directories, at least try adding to top sites similar to Technorati. As these blog directories have high page rank and popularity search engines visit their pages more frequently, your links get indexed more easily and quickly.

I suggest using social book marking sites is always a great help. Try adding blog posts to BizSugar, Blokube and similar sites.

Guest Blogging

Though guest blogging is not an easy way to get back-links, search engines and Alexa prefer author links. These back-links make your blog to get high page rank so Google bot crawl your site more frequently. Stop blogging at one place and do guest blogging on Blog-o-sphere.

Following These simple steps will make Google and other Search Engines to easily Index your web pages. Try them and see the outcome.

Sreekanth Thattikota is a serial entrepreneur, Forex Trader and blogger by night. He blogs at Start-Up Corner – a blog to help entrepreneurs and forex traders to start their ventures.

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I have already done some of them & now doing missing ones.thank you for the information. :)

Sarah Harper March 18, 2013

Very helpful tips, i think the last technique Guest Posting is really covers all the above ones.

HT Lee March 18, 2013

This post is a good reminder to go back to the basics of getting pages indexed with Google, and not go for the dubious blackhat methods out there. I’ve done all that except guest blogging, which I intend to do. Thanks for this post!

Greg Smith March 18, 2013

Awesome post. I’ve used all the techniques that you’ve discussed on here besides guest blogging. Although I’ve been a network marketer for quite some time, blogging is a new technique for me and just learning the ropes of search engine optimization. Thanks for the info!

Anil Bhogia March 19, 2013

this post is a good reminder to go back to the basics of getting pages indexed with Google, and not go for the dubious blackhat methods out there. I’ve done all that except guest blogging, which I intend to do. Thanks for this post!

Amal Rafeeq March 19, 2013

Thanks a lot :)
I didn’t know URL submission helps to crawl faster !

Edson Hale March 19, 2013

To get effectively indexed it is necessary to write fresh contents without a pinch of playgiarism and then develop quality backlinks through backlinking, guest posting and forum submission; I think there is no other way to be indexed after brutal Google Panda Updates
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Anirvan Majumdar March 19, 2013

Thanks for the share.The shared tips in order to make Google bot to crawl web pages faster are great.Among all the process I did’nt know the sitemap submission.Can you help me a little?

Rahul Pahal March 19, 2013

really a nice post.. obviously credit goes to the author. manual url submission is really a new thing for me..

Sreekanth March 19, 2013

Thanks for all appreciation
As I was out, I could nt participate in discussion

Lola Sosanya March 19, 2013

Great points…they are all important points. I feel guest blogging is one of the most important points. I have done a lot of guest posts and within one year improved my page rank from a 1 to a 2.

Justin Germino March 21, 2013

There are also statements you can add to robots.txt that update Google bot scan/index frequency and such which can help improve index and recognition times for posts and changes too. If you use WordPress, I highly recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast for SEO and it generates your Sitemap file, it does this dynamically so that it doesn’t cause overhead on your WordPress installation and breaks up the sitemap to multiple files for easier indexing, submit this to Google Webmaster tools is ideal.

Morten Pedersen March 21, 2013

I shall take a look at attracta. This is new to me.

Lorenzo March 24, 2013

Also recommend using a plugin to create an sitemap file. I currently use WordPress SEO.

Another tip is to share some of your new posts to various social networks. For example, if you write business articles, then try sharing on LinkedIn.

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