How Image Sharing Helps You to Monetize Your Blog

With the increased craze of photo sharing and visuals on the social networking sites like Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photo, online photo sharing has become fun and viable parts of blogging. Here are some of the few reasons image sharing helps in monetizing blogs. Adding pictures are always recommended to every blog post.

A picture can express a lot than words. It also helps bring in lots of traffic.

Adding images to your blog

It can be considered as the step by which people can easily find you and your blogs on the blogging sites. The search engines images index helps making blogs searchable. Snowboarder is available on Google which makes the image pop up. There you can find different and huge number of images and if you click on one it will directly take you to the site where that image must be located.

It is important to consider the sizes of the image while uploading them so it gets easier for the search engines for optimization. Create a relevant image name and it should appear below in the search results of the image. Create an image of size below 1200×1200 and above 100×100. Use possible image captions and surely add an ALT Tag. Also create titles of the relevant keywords. These tags are useful in improving search engines for blogs.

Image helps in making blog memorable

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An image plays a very important role in attracting lots of viewers. Without an image it is not possible for people to create a picture in their mind. It helps people in remembering you and your work. Let’s say you visited two sites at the same time. One website was full of informational articles without any video or an image. The other one had pictures at the top and maybe it was having a logo too. When someone talks about the first websites you can remember a few lines from the beginning or blurry information may strike your mind. But when someone will mention about the second websites you will at once remember the photo album and the logo contained in the beginning of the article. Images are the keys to the doors for your articles.

Images also represent the messages of your blogs

This equally involves two different reasons

1. If you are a professional blogger then you must be always trying to present your followers with the intellectual and interesting experiences of reading. When we know that we are capable of teaching people good through our writing mediums we feel good.

2. The second reason is that when people learn something good and interesting they pass their experiences further to others what and how they learned. This attitude creates a feeling of eagerness for sharing good quality content.

Images make blogs more interesting

If you include images, include color and create contrast, it will make your blog sites more appealing and interesting. Black and white colors can also make websites look cool. But people visiting your blogs may skip to the others for 2 reasons.

1. It can create an impression “Booooring”. In this age where people use highly interactive modes of presentations and dynamic content who will pay attention to the black and white themes. People today consider their time valuable and don’t want to spend too much on readings .They want the things to naturally pop out of the web sites.

2. Though relevant and interesting images to your websites will not reduce the words amount but will add a lot more interesting elements to your sites.

Images help in making search engines better

The web is filled with millions of contents, bloggers post and websites. Webmasters always includes an image to various image sharing sites like Flickr photo sharing and photo buckets. These pictures are uploaded to achieve traffics to their sites.

Search engines use very complex algorithms for the page rankings and a large part of this formula is related to the density of the keywords and the number of additional media elements which is tagged with it such as videos and images. So images are also important and are considered as the best keywords for search engines.

Only publishing and writing never assures the success of any blog. There are other components to that help bringing the lots of traffic. If the content is excellent but your blog appears dull and boring than it is likely that people may skip your blogs and switch to others. So it is recommended to add images, audios and videos make your websites more appealing and interesting.

Lanroni is a blogger, writer and guest blogger who writes and guest posts for different blogs and also works on different niches. Here, he’s currently guest posting for an all-round technology blog where you can get more tech info.

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