3 Uncommon and Unique Ways to Get An Idea for A Blog Post

problems finding an idea for a blog postHaving no idea what to blog about can be worse than writing a poor blog post.

For most bloggers, experiencing “writer’s block” is common. Though the truth behind this is still up for debate, one thing is clear: professional bloggers can’t risk not having an idea what to write about especially if he is writing for someone else’s blog.

The problem is most people would simply write anything for the sake of meeting a deadline. This is even worse because publishing a post for the sake of beating a deadline will result in the following:

  • Poorly written content
  • It could be something you’ve (or another person) blogged about already
  • Contain lots of typo and grammar errors
  • Ultimately anger your client or the blog owner

Experiencing difficulties in coming up with an idea for a blog post is completely understandable. Every creative person goes through a dry stage.

But we don’t have the luxury of waiting until the muse of inspiration visits us. We have to force ourselves to come up with a good idea for a blog post and write it. We owe it to our clients or our readers.

What to do when you have no idea for a blog post

What I’m going to share with you are not the usual “discover cool blog ideas” you often see in different blogs and websites. There’s no point in continuing with this if I’m only going to echo what’s been said.

Here are some of the things I do when I don’t have no idea what to write about and I have to beat a deadline.

Look at job boards

This is something I’ve recently discovered that is really helpful. Whenever I’m stuck, I open a new tab and type Problogger’s job board. This, for me, is a great place to find blogging jobs. I browse the projects to see if I can snag a gig or two.

Obviously, I do this to find more clients, but what this does is help my subconscious start digging for ideas I may have ignored before. The job descriptions here are complete. They include topics successful applicants will need to write about. As I browse through the different job ads, I will eventually find one that contains a topic that I can use.

Here’s an example:

A media blog offering expert insights into brand building including brand selection and protection, creative, thought leadership, commentary and news.

This what a certain company posted in the job ad. What jumped at me was “brand building including brand selection and protection.” From that, I thought a good idea for a blog post would be “how bloggers can establish and protect their brand/image online.”

That’s something I haven’t blogged about. I also don’t think I’ve read something like that before.

Look for infographics

Infographics are great sources of information. You’ll obtain info without spending a lot of time reading. And they’re everywhere!

Look for these and you’re sure to get an idea on what to write about. You can head over to Pinterest and find dozens of these. Here’s an example:

Image courtesy of Problogger

Image courtesy of Problogger

There are so many ideas from this infographic. What can you come up with?

Go out and grab a beer

Most writers are told to take a breather and walk outside. While I’ve done that before, I no longer find it very effective. Drinking a few bottles of beer with friends is another thing. This, I discovered, is more effective in getting ideas flow smoothly.

How so? You need to clear your mind of everything. Stop thinking about your blog post. Forcing your brain to churn out ideas may not work all the time. Let it relax. Take your mind off it.

A few bottles of beer combined with great conversations with friends is a great formula. It’s during these times when you talk about silly and funny stuff. And most of the time, this is when spontaneity occurs. I’ve always loved talking and laughing with pals because it helps us let loose. A lot of the great ideas we’ve had are result of drinking sessions.

But don’t get too drunk that you can’t write when you get home.

There’s nothing wrong with trying this. If it works for you, then good. If not, use another.



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