How to Turn Your E-Book ‘Introduction’ into a Hot Selling Point!

E-book sales have been continuously on the rise. Whether you are a blogger, an online marketer or an entrepreneur, writing e-books can prove to be one of the most effective way of showcasing your talent to the world and making money by selling more and more. To make your e-book saleable, you should take several important points into consideration.

One of these is the introduction to an e-book.

How to Create Great eBooksNo matter how awesome an e-book you have written, the introduction is the very first thing to catch the eyes of readers. In fact, an e-book introduction is like an appetizer, which helps to stimulate the appetite of the diner and begin the meal on a positive note. It leaves you wanting more.

Though I have yet to create an e-book of my own, I have ghost-written quite a few for many of my clients. I strongly believe that the introduction must be crafted in a way that convinces the reader that the e-book is worth the investment, both in terms of time and money. A well-crafted introduction grabs the attention of the reader quickly and compels them to read the rest of the e-book. That’s exactly how you can maximize the sales of your e-book.

But how do you do that? How do you write an e-book introduction that’s good enough to encourage readers for investment? How can you convert an e-book introduction into a hot selling point?

Here are some key tips –

Talk about the Audience’s Problem
While writing the introduction to your e-book, you should include the problem or the issues that your target audience is facing. Remember, your e-book is going to solve an important problem. The introduction is the place where you need to talk about it and why you wrote the book in the first place. Talking about your audience’s problem in the introduction helps them decide quickly whether an e-book is the right match for their needs.

Include Benefits
Once you have made readers aware of the problem that your e-book focuses on, it’s time to mention the benefits. You can include a couple of paragraphs on the key benefits that the e-book will bring readers. Along with it, you can also mention or talk about the format in which you are going to present the e-book.

Tell a Story
One of the most important tips for writing a great e-book introduction is to tell a story. You must have heard those parables that have been passed on from one generation to another. They have stood the test of time. They remain with us even to this day. Yes, stories are powerful!

If you want to make the introduction of your e-book a hot selling point, you should tell a story. It will help you bring readers on a level where they can connect with you quickly and feel they are the same as you.

Keep it Under a Page
Don’t make the e-book introduction long enough. Keeping it under a page is a good piece of advice to follow. As mentioned above, you should look at e-book introductions as appetizers. You shouldn’t forget that appetizers only stimulate the appetite. They don’t fill up.

Please let me know your views.

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